What is an Editorial: Editorial Photography vs Editorial Writing Definition

What is an Editoral? What is Editorial Photography. Here’s the Difference.

What is an editorial and what’s editorial photography – is there even a difference? Editorial (ed·i·to·ri·al) is a very common term in media. While at first it can be confusing, its actual meaning is simple. The difficulty arises due to its usage across photo and written media types. There is a different editorial definition for written work and photography. For example, the term editorial can describe editorial photography in magazines as well as editorial writing and opinion pieces. Therefore to avoid confusion in media, particularly fashion photography, the term fashion editorial or editorial photography is common, further defining the exact type of editorial. What is an Editorial Alexander McQueen - The Dapifer

Editorial Writing vs. Photography

Editorial Writing: Editorial writing is defined as an opinion or statement piece by a media outlet such as a newspaper, magazine, tv station, or radio station. Editorial articles are very personal and editors typically share their personal views and arguments on current issues. Examples of editorial writing can be seen on popular outlets such as The New York times, The New Yorker, and Huffington post . Editorial Photography: Editorial photography includes any photography seen in Newspapers, magazines and blogs. The only condition is that it can not be used primarily for advertising. Advertising imagery is considered as Advertising or Campaign Photography. Examples of editorial photography include magazines like Vogue, WV, and Harper’s Bazaar. Got it? Let’s review. So you’d never describe newspaper opinions or television work as a fashion editorial. It’s simply an editorial. However, you can describe fashion photography by many terms including fashion editorial, editorial photography, or just simply as an editorial. In that case, it’s most confusing for those not familiar with fashion and editorial photography.

The History of Editorial Photography

What is an Editorial Dianna Vreeland - The Dapifer

courtesy Vogue “The Snow Country” Diana Vreeland

Historically, editorials appeared in top magazines and periodicals as opinion pieces. Popular titles such as the New York Times and Time magazine would routinely release articles aimed at the social climate of the time. As more publishers entered the market, the term became commonplace and conversely lost much of its meaning. In addition to written opinion editorials, fashion magazines adapted the term to define editorial photography. These fashion stories were the magazine’s way of taking the reader on a journey through fashion. Editors like Vogue’s Diana Vreeland brought the idea to life. Vreeland would send editors to exotic locations such as India and China to capture scenic editorial photography. Today the idea of fashion editorials is a fundamental component of any fashion magazine.

What is Editorial Photography Today?

What is an Editorial - The Dapifer

Beauty Editorial via Vogue Paris

Today, fashion and media professionals alike tend to refer to all fashion photography as simply editorials. In photography, the term can also take on other forms or types.  These other editorial types include: high fashion editorials and beauty editorials. High Fashion Editorials: Implies that the clothing used is from a “high-fashion” or “couture brand”. These pieces are typically very expensive and handmade by fashion houses. Beauty Editorials: May include fashion components, but the primary focus is instead on hair and makeup. Beauty editorials focus on beauty trends and highlight accessories such as sunglasses and jewelry.

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