Do You Know these Fashion Words or Are You Faking it?

Do you Know these Fashion Words or Are you Faking it? Fashion Words Quiz

Fashion vocabulary can be, well, a bit over the top. Often times fashion writers leave their audience perplexed, not exactly sure what those fashion words meant. Terms like editorial, ready to wear, couture and athleisure are colloquial within the industry. You always thought you knew their meaning, but maybe you’re wrong. We recently revealed the meaning of 21 of the most popular fashion words that fashion people love. Below, we take things a bit further allowing you to test your fashion knowledge. How much fashion terminology do you really know? Are you a Fashion PhD, a fashionista(o), an Insider, or are you just faking it? Let’s find out. The quick quiz below will test your style IQ and fashion vocabulary. Don’t worry, we won’t tell your boss.

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