10 Male Model Poses to Learn from David Gandy and Sean O’Pry

10 Male Model Poses to Learn from David Gandy and Sean O’Pry

Coming up with male model poses isn’t as simple as Derek Zoolander leads many to believe. Actually, it can be painfully awkward. Now, quickly scroll through your instagram timeline. See what I mean? While being a male model isn’t Rocket Science, there just may be a method to being really, really, ridiculously good looking. At least when posing in photos. So what’s a guy to do? Whether you’re a new model preparing for a big photoshoot or you’re simply tired of not knowing how to pose on set, I have good news. Prepare to be schooled in the science of male model poses. Don’t worry, it’ll be easier than you think. You already know the curriculum. Say hello to male supermodels David Gandy and Sean O’Pry. I’d say they know a thing or two about how about to pose like a male model. Keep reading below and take a look at these iconic male models in action. You’re sure to find some slightly narcissistic inspiration as David Gandy and Sean O’Pry teach you the basics of male model poses. DISCLAIMER: All poses were created by real life male models. Please do note that your attempt to master these male model poses could result in extreme, awkwardness. David Gandy, Sean O’Pry, and no other male models were harmed in the making of these photos.

“Playing Coi”

Male Model Poses - Sean Opry- The Dapifer Not sure where to begin? Perfect. Channel your confusion into the perfect male model pose and play coi. Look slightly off into the distance and keep your chin up. See how mysterious, Sean O’Pry looks here.

“The Intellectual”

Male Model Poses - Sean O'Pry - The Dapifer-5 Male models don’t actually need to read. However, that’s no excuse for missing out on an epic photo. Grab a book, sit back and practice good posture. As Sean O’Pry shows here, you don’t even have to look at the book while posing.

“Daydreaming of You”

Male Model Poses - Sean O'Pry - The Dapifer-4 You know that slightly creepy guy who stares at people in public and rubs his hands together? With the right lighting and circumstances, it becomes a winning male model pose.

“Bond, James Bond”

Male Model Poses - Sean O'Pry - The Dapifer-3 Every guy wants to be James Bond. Here’s your chance. This male model pose is all about confidence and eye contact. Head up, shoulders back. The world is your oyster.

“The Man Smize”

Male Model Poses - Sean O'Pry - The Dapifer-2 The man smize is the go-to pose when you need to bring on the sexy. The key here is to focus and convey the emotion with your eyes and mouth. Study how Sean O’Pry, clinches his facial muscles, and glares up and to the right. Oh, and if you’re wondering, it’s more Magnum than Blue Steele.

“The Gentleman’s Recline”

Male Model Poses - David Gandy - The Dapifer There’s a 50% chance that you’ve never actually read a physical newspaper and that’s okay. This pose is all about creating a classic moment. Legs crossed, arms flexed and fingers ready to turn the page.

“The Shower Pose”

Male Model Poses - David Gandy - The Dapifer Shower photos can be disastrous. Between trying not to drown and irritate your eyes with chlorinated water, you actually have to remember that you’re a male model. Follow David Gandy’s lead as seen here. Put your arms up, flex your abs and focus your eyes on a spot out in front of you. Even better, the shower pose can even be used when there’s no actual water involved.

“The Towel Drop”

Male Model Poses - David Gandy - The Dapifer Posing nude for a photo is a always a lot of pressure. The secret is forgetting all about it. See how calm and in control the Gandy man looks here. He even manages to cover up his man parts with style. Practice, Practice, Practice. So basically, keep taking those Snapchat mirror selfies to master the perfect nude male model poses.

“The Standing Squat”

Male Model Poses - David Gandy - The Dapifer When you need a pose that’s not quite standing and not quite sitting, opt for the standing squat. Put one leg up, lean back and look intensely into the non-existent traffic. Maybe its a British thing, but it looks easy enough, right?

“The ‘Hey You’ Pose”

Male Model Poses - David Gandy - The Dapifer So the photographer wants to end the shoot with one of the most iconic male model poses – you posing in your underwear, laying in bed? Time to put focus and put this how to pose like a male model guide to work. Relax, you handsome male model. You got this. Arms folded behind your head, chest and abs flexed, relax. Be mysterious, think naughty thoughts and don’t look directly into the camera. Still feeling a bit insecure? Put a sock in it, bro.  

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