Victoria Beckham Clothing Explores ‘What You Really, Really Want’

Victoria Beckham Fall 2017 Collection Goes Mod at London Fashion Week

Victoria Beckham is a bit of an enigma. With her days of Spice Girls pop-stardom far behind, she’s quietly entered the fashion elite. Though, when pondering over a Victoria Beckham clothing collection, what exactly is the scale. Well it’s safe to way that there’s no need to take it easy on Beckham. With almost a decade of collections behind her,  the eponymous Victoria Victoria Beckham clothing line is worth over $100 Million. It’s safe to say that this Spice Girl still knows what fans really really want. Now the question is, does Victoria Beckham Fall 2017 deliver. Victoria Beckham Clothing Fall 2017 Collection-London Fashion Week-The Dapifer Continuing her newfound trend of  looser silhouettes and contemporary fashion, the Victoria Beckham woman gets an update. Utilizing a refined color palette of grays, beige, and black the designer takes a mod direction. Elements like long linear hemlines and mock necks carry the message. On the other hand we also see newness by way of abstract patterns and bursts of unexpected color. The new Victoria Beckham is all about separates. From wide leg trousers to knitwear and jackets, the collections shares an affinity toward more dynamic styling. In all, the collection is a good sign from the designer. It’s a clear indicator that she’s still busy building the Victoria Beckham clothing brand. You can see our top looks from the Victoria Beckham Fall 2017 Collection below. You can also check out all the latest fashion week collections here.

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