27 Top Black Models Spreading #BLACKGIRLMAGIC

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27 Top Black Models Breaking Boundaries and Spreading the #BLACKGIRLMAGIC

Black models have long been metaphorical unicorns in the world of fashion. Throughout much of the 20th century, the idea itself was impeded by racial tension and divide. However, there were still revolutionary black models who rose to prominence. In 1950 Dorothea Towles was discovered by Christian Dior while on vacation in Paris. The 27 year old model went on to become the first top black model to work in Paris and a definitive model of her era. Almost two decades later the iconic Donyale Luna emerged eventually becoming the first black model to appear on British Vogue. In the following two decades legends including Pat Cleveland, Beverly Johnson, Grace Jones, and Iman stunned the world introducing a previously neglected notion of black beauty. Soon, young stars including Naomi Campbell emerged and then Tyra Banks just in time for the 90s supermodel era.

Black models, for once, seemed to finally have broken the glass ceiling. Even more diverse black models began to emerge. South Sudanese model Alek Wek entered the scene and rose to superstardom. There were also countless others like beauty Kiara Kabukuru and Selita Ebanks. However, as the glamour of the 90s supermodel era began to fade farther and farther in the distance, black models seemed to also lose momentum. As of late, this is changing. Thanks to initiatives like Beth-Ann Hardison and Naomi Campbell’s “Black Models” projects, the industry has been forced to listen. Over the past few years along with the resurgence of supermodel culture, there has also been a rise in the appearance of black models.

See below for our definitive list of top black models of the moment. These models are dominating the catwalk, magazines, ad campaigns and social media. They represent a new era of #blackgirlmagic and diverse beauty.

Aya Jones

Top Black Models Aya Jones - The Dapifer

Top Black Models, Aya Jones

See more on Aya Jones Instagram

Binx Walton

Top Black Models Binx Walton - The Dapifer

Top Black Models, Binx Walton

See more on Binx Walton Instagram

Imaan Hammam

Top Black Models Imaan Hammam - The Dapifer

Top Black Models, Imaan Hammam

See more on Imaan Hammam Instagram

Karly Loyce

Top Black Models Karly Loyce - The Dapifer

Top Black Models, Karly Loyce

See more on Karly Loyce Instagram

Kayla Scott

Top Black Models Kayla Scott - The Dapifer

Top Black Models, Kayla Scott

See more on Kayla Scott Instagram

Lineisy Montero

Top black models Lineisy Montero - The Dapifer

Top black models, Lineisy Montero

See more on Lineisy Montero Instagram

Malaika Firth

Top black models Malaika Firth - The Dapifer

Top black models, Malaika Firth

See more on Malaika Firth Instagram

Riley Montana

Top Black Models Riley Montana - The Dapifer

Top Black Models, Riley Montana

See more on Riley Montana Instagram

Tami Williams

Top black models Tami Williams - The Dapifer

Top black models, Tami Williams

See more on Tami Williams Instagram

Aamito Lagum
Top black models Aamito Lagum - The DapiferSee more on Aamito Lagum Instagram

Adwoa Aboah

Top black models Adwoa Aboah - The Dapifer

Top Black Models, Adwoa Aboah

See more on Adwoa Aboah Instagram

Amilna Estevao

Top black models Amilna Estevao - The Dapifer

Top black models, Amilna Estevao

See more on Amilna Estevao Instagram

Leila Nda

Top black models Leila Nda - The Dapifer

Top black models, Leila Nda

See more on Leila Nda Instagram

Londone Myers

Top black models Londone Myers - The Dapifer

Top black models, Londone Myers

See more on Londone Myers Instagram

Poppy Okotcha

Top black models Poppy Okotcha - The Dapifer

Top black models, Poppy Okotcha

See more on Poppy Okotcha Instagram

Selena Forrest

Top black models Selena Forrest - The Dapifer

Top black models, Selena Forrest

See more on Selena Forrest Instagram

Yasmin Wijnaldum

Top black models Yasmin Wijnaldum - The Dapifer

Top black models, Yasmin Wijnaldum

See more on Yasmin Wijnaldum Instagram

Jourdan Dunn

Top black models Jourdan Dunn - The Dapifer

Top black models, Jourdan Dunn

See more on Jourdan Dunn Instagram

Joan Smalls

Top black models Joan Smalls - The Dapifer

Top black models, Joan Smalls

See more onJoan Smalls Instagram

Herieth Paul

Top black models Herieth Paul - The Dapifer

Top black models, Herieth Paul

See more on Herieth Paul Instagram

Chanel Iman

Top black models Chanel Iman - The Dapifer

Top black models, Chanel Iman

See more on Chanel Iman Instagram

Jasmine Tookes

Top black models Jasmine Tookes - The Dapifer

Top black models, Jasmine Tookes

See more onJasmine Tookes Instagram

Lais Ribeiro

Top black models Lais Ribeiro - The Dapifer

Top black models, Lais Ribeiro

See more on Lais Ribeiro Instagram

Ajak Deng

Top black models Ajak Deng - The Dapifer

Top black models, Ajak Deng

See more on Ajak Deng Instagram

Maria Borges

Top black models Maria Borges - The Dapifer

Top black models, Maria Borges

See more on Maria Borges Instagram

Melodie Monrose

Top black models Melodie Monrose - The Dapifer

Top black models, Melodie Monrose

See more on Melodie Monrose Instagram

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