Calvin Klein New Logo: History of the Calvin Klein Logo

Here’s the Calvin Klein New Logo that Everyone in Fashion is Talking About. History of the Calvin Klein Logo.

Designer, Raf Simons’ aesthetic is about innovation and uncovering newness. Just look at any of his past collections for his eponymous mens and womenswear label or from his time at Dior. So when we heard that Raf Simons was leaving Dior in 2015, we were a bit sad. However, our spirits were certainly restored when news came that Raf Simons would become the new creative director of Calvin Klein. At that moment, we knew that the iconic American brand was in for a makeover. It turns out that Simons’s decided to waste no time. His first stop: unveiling a brand new Calvin Klein logo. Not before debuting his Raf Simons Mens Fall 2017 collection in New York, of course. For the redesign, Simons’ enlists the help of long time friend Peter Saville- who’s best known for creating the album art for bands Joy Division and New Order. While the Calvin Klein new logo isn’t a major departure, there are notable differences. Take for instance, the choice of all caps and slight differences in spacing and font style. If you’re thinking that the new Calvin Klein logo looks familiar, you’re right. The brand shares that it is actually inspired by the company’s original logo.”A return to the spirit of the original. An acknowledgement of the founder and foundations of the fashion house,” the brand posted on Instagram.
The Calvin Klein logo is iconic. It’s just as much a part of pop culture as Rock-and-Roll. Thanks to the branding savvy of the brand’s founder, the Calvin Klein logo has found its way into some of those memorable moments in media. From Brooke Shields iconic tagline, You want to know what comes between me and my Calvins , to Mark “Marky Mark” Wahlber’s famous crotch grab, the CK logo spans decades. Even today the brand continues to dominate pop-culture with campaigns including names like Justin Beiber, Kendall Jenner and even rappers Young Thug, Fetty Wap, and Kendrick Lamar. We did some digging and there seems to four distinct Calvin Klein new logos over the brand’s almost 40 year history. Keep reading below to see all the new Calvin Klein logos over the years. Looking back at the Bruce Weber lensed Calvin Klein campaign of 1979, we definitely see similar vibes. However, during the Calvin Klein ad campaigns of late 1979-1982,  we see an updated Calvin Klein logo with a much thinner look. See the difference here in this 1981 Calvin Klein campaign by Bruce Weber. Calvin Klein New Logo-Bruce Weber-1981-The Dapifer From 1984-1992, the brand revisits its root beefing up a new Calvin Klein logo by adding a bit more weight. Calvin Klein New Logo-Carre Otis-Marcus Schenkenberg -1991-The Dapifer In 1992, the brand makes perhaps its boldest logo statement yet with it’s CK jeans campaign starring Kate Moss. Calvin Klein New Logo-Kate Moss-1992-The Dapifer Again around 2001, the brand changes things up again revisiting a thinner, Calvin Klein logo. Calvin Klein New Logo-Carre Otis-Marcus Schenkenberg -1991-The Dapifer And of course, recently in 2017, the brand unveiled this new Calvin Klein Logo. Calvin Klein New Logo-The Dapifer Want to see more of the Calvin Klein new logo history. Check out our List of the 9 Hottest Calvin Klein Models, Ever. So, what do you think? Is the new logo a win OR does it even make a difference? Well, anything with the old Calvin Klein logo is now considered vintage. Time to stack up.

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