7 Hilarious Hip Hop Clothing Brands We All Tried to Forget

Hip Hop Clothing Brands: A Good, Bad, and Hilarious History

Long before Yeezy Season swept the nation and ASAP dropped VLONE, starting hip hop clothing brands was a typical rapper’s past time. Buried, somewhere very deep in your memory maybe you can recall a few. No, luck? Hmm. Well, that’s likely your selective memory doing its job. Lucky you. The rise of hip hop clothing is a rocky tale, even scary at times. However, mostly, the memories leave us very confused. But wait, it’s not all bad. Balancing the scale are true hip hop fashion trailblazers like Wu-Tang’s Wu Wear line and the early days of Jay-Z and Damon Dash’s Roca Wear label. Let’s not forget P. Diddy and the era of Sean John. While it’s great to have positive role models in the hip hop community, some rappers should have left fashion design to the professionals. Before we knew it, almost every hip hop artist was dropping so-called hip hop clothing brands. For instance, there was Busta Rhymes and his fashion line Bushi Sport. Pause. Yes, Busta had a fashion line. The questionable design activities don’t stop there. Even Shaq (yes, Shaquille O’Neil) tried his luck in the world of hip hop themed fashion brands. If you remember seeing the Shaq shoes during trips with your mom to Payless, you can imagine how that collection went. However, he did donate most of the profits to inner-city youth, so maybe he deserves a pass. But again, there’s good. We have success stories like Pharrell Williams and the launch of his Billionaire Boys Club clothing range in 2005. Let’s continue our trip down the hip hop fashion’s memory lane and uncover 7 questionable Hip Hop Clothing Brands that made Us LOL, literally.

7. Nelly “Vokal”

Hip Hop Clothing Brands-Bow Wow Shago-The DapiferWe can’t lie, Nelly was a trendsetter back in his day. From rocking fresh St. Louis Cardinal jerseys to bringing Air Force Ones to the world. However, his first hop hop clothing brand, Vokal was a swing and a miss. Then came Apple Bottoms. No comment.

6. LL Cool J “Todd Smith”

Hip Hop Clothing Brands-Bow Wow Shago-The DapiferEveryone loves LL Cool J, right? He always doing it well. Not so quick, let’s not forget about his Todd Smith clothing line, or actually let’s just keep on forgetting.

5. Bow Wow “Shago”

Hip Hop Clothing Brands-Bow Wow Shago-The Dapifer We’ll take it easy here. After all, Bow Wow was basically a child back then. What were you doing at 12 years old. Where were the adults here? We’re sorry Bow Wow.

4. Master P “P Miller”

Hip Hop Clothing Brands-Bow Wow Shago-The Dapifer Master P is a mastermind. However, he took it a bit too far with P Miller clothing. Maybe he was too distracted with Rap Snacks to focus on this hip hop clothing brands fail. Legend says a few NO LIMIT soldiers discharged after this one.

3. Eminem “Shady LTd”

Hip Hop Clothing Brands-Bow Wow Shago-The Dapifer Shady LTD: apparel for the creepy guy constantly making awkward comments to women. Surprisingly Eminem’s attempt at a hip-hop clothing brand was a hit amongst upper-middle class kids worldwide.

2. DMX “DMX Authentic & Earl Simmons Signature Collection”

Hip Hop Clothing Brands-DMX Singnature Earl Simmons-The Dapifer DMX offered us not one but two hip hop clothing brands: DMX Authentic and Earl Simmons Signature Collection. It was good to see him channel all that anger into something positive. However, we quickly changed our minds. When did we ever want to dress like DMX? We all just wanted him to calm down. What a #FAIL.

1. Busta Rhymes “Bushi Sport”

Hip Hop Clothing Brands-Bow Wow Shago-The DapiferBusta Rhyme’s fashion line Bushi Sport claims the top spot for hip hop clothing brands that never happened. Why? Because, we all agreed to forget and never mention it again. LOL.

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