The Atomics: Lucky Blue Smith and his Family Band (Pics and Video)

The Atomics, Lucky Blue Smith and Family Band x HM Coachella Campain

The Atomics star in the H&M Coachella Collection Campaign. But, wait. Who are The Atomics? We’ve been hearing about trending male model Lucky Blue Smith’s band The Atomics for some time now. Mostly teased in various magazine appearances, this time we finally get a proper introduction. While having one top model in a family is enough for most, the Smith family doesn’t think so. You’ve likely seen another blue-eyed, model with blonde-hair posing alongside Lucky in campaigns like Moncler. Well actually, that’s Pyper America Smith, 19 year-old model, member of The Atomics, and yes, that’s right- sister to Lucky Blue Smith. Adding to The Atomics crew are two other whimsically named Smith siblings, Daisy Clementine and Queen Starlie. Yes, those are there actual names. Lucky Blue Smith Band The Atomics-The Dapifer The Atomics path to success has been cinematic. When Lucky Blue Smith was age 12, he and The Atomics were photographed by Hedi Slimane for Vogue Hommes Japan. As we know, the model’s career after that soared. Today, Smith is one of the word’s top male models and is certainly one of the most popular with fans. The heartthrob boasts an impressive 2.8 million Instagram followers, all of them hardcore Lucky Blue supporters. It is no surprise then that Lucky Blue and The Atomics now find themselves starring in the latest H&M Coachella Collection. For the H&M Coachella imagery Lucky Blue, Pyper America and gang pose in a serious of vintage feeling images. The Smiths can be seen posing separately alongside city streets, retro cars, and the interior of an old motel. The family band is also seen together in a few scenes including on a rooftop. The family band also shows off their Alternative Pop music skills in an accompanying video performance of Let’s Live for Today by The Grass Roots. The H&M x The Atomics campaign is the latest update from the ongoing H&M Loves Coachella partnership. Serious Lucky Blue Smith and The Atomics fans are in for quite the Coachella season. In celebration of the collab, the Alternative Pop band will be performing live from the H&M Store in Times Square on March 16th.
You can see the full The Atomics X HM Loves Coachella ad campaign in the gallery below. Keep scrolling to see a video of The Atomics performing.

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