10 Streetwear Clothing Fashion Trends that Just Won’t Die

10 Streetwear Clothing Fashion Trends that Simply Won’t Die

Streetwear clothing is more than just Supreme shirts and Jordan sneakers. For millions of men and women around the world, it’s a culture-a community. Most say, streetwear was born on the sun drenched beaches and streets of Los Angeles in the late 1970s. Back then, the cult of streetwear supporters were mostly surfers and skaters. They were true early adopters, and had absolutely no idea. However, at the same time the East coast was creating its very own streetwear clothing movement. From early hip hop music tracks by Sugarhill Gang in 1979 to cultural movements like DJ’ing, break dancing, and beatboxing, streetwear was spreading like wildfire. In the decade that followed the world was introduced to Stussy, the Nike Air Jordan, and Hip-hop. Soon after came athletic wear like Chicago Bears Jerseys, Supreme NYC, and Nelly’s Air Force Ones. Before we knew it, record executives were starting their own urban streetwear clothing brands. Russell Simmons launches Phat Farm and P Diddy launches Sean John. Pause. Streetwear Clothing Fashion-The Dapifer Fast-forward over a decade later and the streetwear clothing movement is stronger than ever. Albeit a few trends didn’t make the voyage. Sorry Jay-Z, RocaWear was cool while it lasted- sorta. Also, why is P. Diddy still making new Sean John collections?  Hmm. However, most of the popular streetwear styles of today haven’t changed much at all. Just think, the most popular sneaker is still the Nike Air Jordan, and probably always will be. Tracksuits seem to be never going out of style and we even see furry Kangol style bucket hats making a comeback with the new Supreme hats collection. True streetwear clothing fanatics would have it no other way. You see, true streetwear style is all about respecting the classics. Everyone wants to be an OG.
Below we take a look at 10 streetwear clothing fashion and footwear trends that simply won’t die. What’s your favorite?

10. Boomboxes (Yea, Seriously)

Streetwear Clothing Fashion Trends-The Dapifer During the 1980s every streetwear supporting hip hop head carried around a boombox. Bizarre right? Not so fast. The trend hasn’t vanished, it’s only been replaced by something a bit more modern. If you own an ipod, iPhone, or any device that plays music with headphones- surprise! You’re a modern boombox carrying streetwear punk. If you own a pair of BEATS, you’re even more of an OG than you realize. You could also just be an annoying hipster.

9. Athletic Jerseys

Streetwear Clothing Fashion Trends-The Dapifer If you’re an eighties or nineties baby, you certainly didn’t miss the rise of sports jerseys as streetwear clothing fashion statements. Beginning with the Los Angeles Raiders and Chicago Bears, the urban community began to mix in their favorite sports team jerseys with their everyday wardrobe. The trend really became popular as rappers are seen sporting jerseys in music videos and in casual wear. How many of us remember wearing basketball jerseys to High School? That Denver Nuggets jersey was fire, right.

8. Flannels

Streetwear Clothing Fashion Trends-The Dapifer The introduction of flannel into streetwear clothing originates with grunge bands like Nirvana and Pearl Jam. Blending relaxed West Coast vibes with an equally chilled out attitude, every nineties kids quickly found himself adopting Kurt Cobain’s Teen Spirit driven style. Today flannel shirts can be found in both luxury and mass market fashion. NYC Streetwear brand Public School actually just released a few in their latest NYFW collection.

7. Tracksuits

Streetwear Clothing Fashion Trends-The Dapifer Many will debate that tracksuits belong much higher on the list. I don’t disagree. Tracksuits are synonymous with streetwear clothing and fashion, especially urban streetwear. From the early days of 1980s hip-hop and Run DMC throughout the early 2000s with entertainers like Missy Elliott and Pharrell Williams, the tracksuit remains iconic. Athletic brand Adidas is the most popular design for most. However, today you can find tracksuits from  a variety of brands spanning from Supreme to KITH.

6. Bling Bling

Streetwear Clothing Fashion Trends-The Dapifer In hip-hop, nothing quite says I’ve made it like a gold chain or three or ten. There are even entire songs devoted to it. From the 1999 hit “Bling Bling” by Lil Wayne and Juvenille to Kanye West and Common’s 2012 “Jesus Piece”, the list goes on. Urban streetwear even incorporated bling into their grills in the early 2000s. Remember Nelly and Paul Wall in their icy “Grillz” music video. In today’s streetwear clothing culture, most have traded in the gold chains for accessories like nice watches. However, the idea of bling still holds some serious weight for the serious streetwear fashion king.

5. Bucket Hats & Fitted Caps

Streetwear Clothing Fashion Trends-The Dapifer Bucket hats and tracksuits have always been the perfect streetwear pairing. Throughout the early 1990s and 2000s British brand Kangol took the reigns with its assortment of unique berets and hats. Streetwear clothing opinion makers quickly adopted the style creating a trend. Also during that time, fitted caps were on the rise as the West Coast skater/surfer wardrobe spread. Soon after, fitted caps became a compliment to athletic jerseys and every other streetwear clothing trend of the time. Not much has changed today. Ok, maybe Pharrell took things a bit too far with that oversized bucket hat he kept wearing. Every serious streetwear clothing heavy hitter owns a collection of bucket hats and fitted caps.

4. Bomber Jackets

Streetwear Clothing Fashion Trends-The Dapifer The Bomber Jacket actually gets it name from literally dropping bombs, dope right? Originating in the US Army as official flight apparel in WWI, streetwear clothing fans began to adopt the military outerwear in the 1970s. It soon spread to hip-hop, punk culture, and several other fashion sub-cultures. Today the trend can be seen on style influencers such as Kanye West as well as on the runway of luxury fashion brands like Louis Vuitton. Popular streetwear clothing brands like Supreme and Stussy offer their own branded selections each season.

3. Logo & Graphic Tees

Streetwear Clothing Fashion Trends-The Dapifer While it’s impossible to trace the exact origin of graphic tees, its importance in streetwear clothing began on the West Coast with skater/surfer culture. Shawn Stussy is credited as one of the early trendsetters, joining Frank Sinatra Jr to found the Stussy brand in 1984. It wasn’t long before Stussy graphic tees were everywhere. Soon after came James Jebbia and the Supreme Clothing brand. Throughout the nineties logo tees from sportswear brands like Nike and Adidas gained traction. We also saw the introduction of high-fashion logo tees compliments of brands like Gucci, Givenchy, A.P.C., Versace, and Dolce and Gabbana. Today, perhaps no streetwear clothing item is as highly coveted as a classic Supreme box logo tee.

2. Denim Jeans

Streetwear Clothing Fashion Trends-The Dapifer Denim jeans certainly aren’t exclusive to streetwear nor all that exciting. However, no serious streetwear clothing wardrobe is complete without them. Streetwear fashion and denim have been through an adventurous relationship over the past few decades. From the acid wash of the eighties and the worn out washes sported by the grunge crowds of the nineties, to the the darkly hued deep blues of hip-hop at the turn of the century, denim was a true reflection of the times. Today, no fashion collection is introduced without the addition of signature denim. The offerings range from iconic American brands like Levi’s and Calvin Klein to international luxury brands like Givenchy and Fendi.

1. Trainers

Streetwear Clothing Fashion Trends-The Dapifer Athletic trainers are the holy grail of modern streetwear clothing and style. From high-tops and low-tops, mids, to slip-ons, the streetwear community has championed each model. While brands like Converse and Adidas were already making athletic sneakers, something major happened in 1984. Michael Jordan leaves Adidas and partners with Nike. A few months later in 1985, the world meets the first Nike Air Jordan, the red and black Air Jordan 1. I think we all know what happens to Rookie basketball player Michael Jordan and the Air Jordan partnership next. Soon after the war between Adidas and Nike ensues. The battle produced classic styles such as the Adidas laceless Superstar and the iconic Nike Air Force 1. Other footwear offerings soon emerge popularizing brands like Vans, K-Swiss, Saucony, A Bathing Ape New Balance, Pony, and Puma. Today the streetwear clothing meets footwear trend makes it way to the high-fashion runway. From past celebrity partnerships like Kanye West’s Louis Vuitton sneaker collection and Pharrell Williams’ iconic Supercolor Adidas to the international Adidas Yeezy brand, the trainer still holds some serious weight. Even luxury brands like Saint Laurent, Givenchy, and Gucci now offer complete sneaker collections. While not every sneaker head is a true streetwear clothing god, every streetwear god is a sneaker head. You see, there are many roads to leading to the rise of streetwear clothing and fashion, yet everyone claims to be the real OG. Long live the streetwear kings.

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