Jeremy Meeks ‘Hot Convict’: From Famous Felon to Top Male Model

Jeremy Meeks aka the ‘hot felon’ or ‘hot convict’ is making convicts everywhere rethink their model mugshot poses. Remember all those viral posts a few years back about the really hot mugshot guy? Well, it turns out that Meeks owes the Stockton Police Department a huge thank you for that 2014 Facebook Post. Along with eager hot felon fans all claiming him as their ‘prison bae’, he also received some legitimate offers. Amongst them, a modeling contract. It’s been three years since that viral mugshot, and Jeremy Meeks is proving to be much more than a stereotype. In his biggest modeling appearance yet, the so-called ‘hottest convict ever’ poses on his first magazine cover, Man About Town. While it may seem that the 33 year-old Stockton, CA resident has been keeping a low profile, he hasn’t had much of a choice. It turns out, that he was in prison until his eventual release in March 2016. Not long after, he made a surprise appearance at New York Fashion Week. Walking in a celebrity filled Philipp Plein fashion show, Meeks shared the runway with model celebs Anwar Hadid, Desiigner, Fetty Wapp, and Young Thug. Despite the A-list model roster and a front row including headliners Madonna and Kylie Jenner, all eyes were on the 6’1″ hot convict. This time around, hot felon lovers learn that Jeremy Meeks is much more than a ‘one hot mugshot wonder’. Appearing on his first magazine cover, the bright blue eyed American bad boy makes quite the statement. Jeremy Meeks Hot Convict Models Shirtless for Man About Town Magazine - see more of Hot Felon THE DAPIFER

“Vulnerable openness brought qualities of depth and aspiration, even innocence, to Jeremy’s physical beauty”-Steven Klein

Lensed by iconic photographer, Steven Klein, Jeremy Meek’s viral mugshot gets an editorial update. Shot in a soft, candid style, the tattoo covered model, poses shirtless. Meeks also opens up for an intimate interview and shares how his trouble past led him to become the hot felon. Although, modeling is still new to him, he’s no stranger to outside attention. “I heard all my life, you’re so handsome, you have the most beautiful eyes, and I heard it a hundred times a day. To where I would not even pay no mind to it,” he shares. Now a married father of two, Jeremy Meeks seems to be grasping exactly what went wrong during his childhood.”I still had a father in prison doing life. I still had a heroin addict mother and me and my brother and sisters struggling through life’s tribulations. I just knew as a kid I had a lot of pent-up anger,” he reflects. Arrested on federal gun charges, Jeremy Meeks isn’t trying to hide his past. In fact, it seems that the federal grand jury indictment that followed changed his life for the better. Eventually convicted for being a felon in possession of a .45 caliber pistol, during an in-jail interview Meeks told KXTV that he’s currently a gang member and confirmed that he indeed had a gun in his trunk preceding his arrest. Today, life seems to be going much more in Jeremy Meeks favor. With almost 1 million Instagram followers, and the unofficial hot convict of the century title, Jeremy Meeks is taking his hot felon mugshot all the way to the bank. Check out Meeks’s latest photos below. Jeremy Meeks Hot Convict Models in Shirtless Photos Man About Town Magazine - see more of Hot Felon THE DAPIFER Jeremy Meeks Hot Convict Models Shirtless - see more of Hot Felon THE DAPIFER Jeremy Meeks Hot Convict Models Shirtless - see more on THE DAPIFER Jeremy Meeks Hot Felon Models Shirtless - see more on THE DAPIFER

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