Kurt Cobain Style: 5 Ways to Dress Like Kurt with Grunge Fashion

Kurt Cobain Style: A Brief History and 5 Ways to Dress Like Kurt Cobain with Grunge Fashion

Long before Kanye West rocked a kilt and Young Thug sported a gown, Kurt Cobain wore a dress. I came across my first Nirvana track in high school, Polly. Rock wasn’t really my thing, so it didn’t resonate. However, years later in college, I found myself listening to vocalist Kurt Cobain and Nirvana almost everyday. The sound was something I had never heard before. After watching a few old videos of the band from an MTV unplugged appearance, I also became a fan of Kurt Cobain style. There was something about the way he wore wore basics like a cardigan or flannel and jeans, that was refreshing. Though the reign of Nirvana was before my time, I couldn’t help but feel a certain sense of nostalgia. Through the intimate lyrics of classics like Smells Like Teen Spirit, Lithium, and In Bloom, I relived the birth of Grunge. It was more than just Alternative Rock. Along with bandmates Dave Grohl and Krist Novoselic, the Kurt Cobain style of artistry changed jeans, flannel and fashion, forever.

Kurt Cobain Clothes, Fashion, and Style in Pictures

Yet, it isn’t just grunge fashion that Kurt elevated. It was also the idea that fashion can be genderless. Blending vintage feeling, masculine west coast style with bold feminine accent, Kurt Cobain fashion challenged societal norms. Some of his most iconic style moments involve him doing just that. From sporting a dress on the cover of The Face to his love of Christian Roth oval-shaped white sunglasses, Kurt Cobain created his own rules.
I definitely feel closer to the feminine side of the human being than I do the male – or the American idea of what a male is supposed to be. Just watch a beer commercial and you’ll see what I mean.
Kurt Cobain Style Fashion Clothes Grunge-Sweater- The Dapifer Tattered and torn knit sweaters weren’t always cool. However, Kurt Cobain couldn’t care less. From cardigans to styles like the distressed sweater seen here, he made us all feel the Teen Spirit. Kurt Cobain Style Fashion Clothes Grunge-Kurt Cobain White Sunglasses- The Dapifer Although, Kurt hated cliches, he seemed to love being a Rockstar in sunglasses. His large white oval, Christian Roth frames still inspire trends today. Kurt Cobain Style Fashion Clothes Grunge-Kurt Cobain Dress-The Dapifer There are certainly a fair number of Kurt Cobain dress pics throughout his career. Here, he sports the style with his Nirvana bandmates at a show. Kurt Cobain Style Fashion Clothes Grunge-Kurt Cobain Dress-The Face- The Dapifer Wearing a dress on-stage for fans is one thing, but Kurt took things to a new level by wearing a dress on the cover of The Face. Photographed by David Sims, the magazine was as popular as Vogue at the time. Kurt Cobain Style Fashion Clothes Grunge-Kurt Cobain Red Hair- The Dapifer Kurt Cobain’s red hair phase reinforced his commitment to simply doing whatever he wanted. It also was his way of continuing to merge music, fashion, style and the intimacy of his personal life. Kurt Cobain Style Fashion Clothes Grunge-Kurt Cobain Courtney Love Daughter Pic- The Dapifer After the birth of his daughter with Courtney Love,  Frances Bean Cobain, Kurt Cobain takes dad style to new levels of cool. Here he rocks a reddish pair of Christian Roth sunglasses and nautical feeling blue and white stripe shirt.

A look back at Kurt Cobain Style during his iconic MTV Unplugged performance in 1993

5 Ways to Dress Like Kurt Cobain with Grunge Fashion Now

1. Kurt Cobain Flannel Shirt

When it comes to Kurt Cobain’s style influence, flannel is at the top of the list. Create an updated Grunge look by finding a Kurt Cobain flannel of your own. Red and black is a classic color combination but don’t be afraid to get a little weird.

H&M Distressed Red Flannel Shirt, $29.99 Kurt Cobain Flannel Shirt Fashion Style-The Dapifer HM Blue Plaid Flannel, $24.99 (HM)

Stussy Flannel Shirt, $96

2. Kurt Cobain Style Ripped Jeans

Grunge had a rather literal influencer on denim. Styles like acid washes distressing and ripped denim jeans are signatures of Kurt Cobain’s clothing during the time. Find your own rocker denim by focusing on the details (cut and wash).

Kurt Cobain Ripped Jeans Fashion Style-The Dapifer ASOS Ripped Light Wash Jeans, $46

Kurt Cobain Jeans-The Dapifer TOPMAN Black Ripped Jeans, $100

ASOS Skinny Low Trashed Jeans, $39.99

3. Kurt Cobain Sweater, Cardigan, and Knits

Coming from Seattle, Kurt wore sweaters all year long. From cardigans to jumpers and sweatshirts. Bulk up your look with slouchy cardigans and slightly distressed knits.

ASOS Knit Cardigan Sweater, $49

ALL SAINTS Crewneck Sweatshirt, $160

4. Kurt Cobain Style Fashion T Shirts

Cobain was a master of layering and good layering always starts with the basics. An extra long fashion tee or subtle, vintage feeling pattern does the job.

Kurt Cobain Clothes-Kurt Cobain Shirt G Star-The Dapifer Xartto Stripe T-Shirt G-STAR RAW, $45

Kurt Cobain Clothes Grunge T Shirt-The Dapifer H&M Long Black T Shirt , $17.99

5. Kurt Cobain White Sunglasses

Rock Kurt Cobain’s iconic white oval sunglasses by finding your own. They don’t have to be an exact match. Focus on finding a unique round shape and white color. Kurt Cobain Oval Sunglasses-ACNE White Mustang Sunglasses-The Dapifer

ACNE Studios White Mustang Sunglasses, $320

Kurt Cobain White Sunglasses Style-The Dapifer ASOS Oval Rounded Sunglasses in White, $15.50


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