Meet the Real Paris Jackson in this Teen Vogue Interview

Paris Jackson lands her latest cover as she poses for Teen Vogue magazine. Yet another good sign for the future of her IMG modeling contract. Being born into a celebrity family is chaotic enough. One can only imagine what it’s like to be the daughter of Michael Jackson. Meet 19 year old Paris-Michael Katherine Jackson. If you’re expecting some wacky story about rich celebrity kids, think again. Instead, the only daughter of the late Jackson is busy creating her own legacy. Joining the ranks of Gigi, Bella, and Kendall, Paris Jackson is quickly becoming the it model of the moment. Lensed by former Saint Laurent designer Hedi Slimane, Paris serves spring fashion with a side of rock and roll. Posing against a moody black backdrop, the young model channels feelings of grunge. We’re evening feeling slight Courtney Love vibes ala the short blonde hair and dark eye makeup. Inside the issue, the pop heiress opens up in a candid interview. She talks about everything from social pressures to her favorite musicians and motivations. Paris Jackson Teen Vogue Magazine Cover PHOTO - see more on THE DAPIFER
“… it’s OK to not be OK. Don’t be so hard on yourself. And stop comparing everyone else’s highlight reel” to your “behind the scenes.” Please don’t give up, because it gets better, and it gets beautiful.”
Reflecting on growing up as the daughter of Michael Jackson she shares, “I honestly used to have no motivation whatsoever to be in the public eye; it scared me. I’ve seen what it can do to people, [and] plenty get hurt. But after a long time of thinking, I started to really see the kind of impact I already have on people, how I was born with a platform, and I didn’t want to waste it.” The aspiring actress also discusses social media and how she plans to use it for good. “I mean, you look at all these articles published [about] what is supposed to be “news,” and it’s all celebrity gossip. What I’m trying to do is show people the suffering that’s going on, the lies and manipulation, show them what is wrong and what we can do to fix it.” Paris Jackson’s Teen Vogue issue is available on newsstands now. You can also check out more photos from her cover story below. Paris Jackson Teen Vogue Magazine Cover - 2see more on THE DAPIFER Paris Jackson Teen Vogue Magazine Cover - 3see more on THE DAPIFER Paris Jackson Teen Vogue Magazine Cover - see more on THE DAPIFER

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