Watch 100 Years of Mens Fashion History in 3 Minutes in this Fun Video

Mens Fashion has Changed Quite a Bit in the Past Century. Check Out the Video Below to Brush Up on your Fashion History and Style Knowledge.

While many men today don’t think critically about style, this is not how it’s always been. From the days of top hats, canes, and even seersucker suits (ok, some guys are still brave enough to don this); men’s fashion used to be a lot more about making a statement. Somewhere along the way it appears that we lost a bit of the spunk and jazz or perhaps that’s the way that the past always look in hindsight.

No matter what your personal men’s style mantra may be, you’re sure to enjoy this fun short film on 100 years of Mens Fashion History dating from 1915 to present.What style would you bring back?


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