Versus Versace Brings Us Sexy Streetwear for Fall 2017

Versus Versace Fall 2017 Collection, London Fashion Week

Each season, Donatella’s Versus Versace line seems to grow a bit stronger. Perhaps it’s purely business and we’re just witnessing the brand react to what consumers are buying. If the latter is true, Versus Versace Fall 2017 paints quite the portrait. Debuting in London apart from the main Versace line, Donatella presents a sexy, streetwear inspired Versus Versace collection complete with Bella and Gigi Hadid. Versus Versace Collection-London Fashion Week 2017-The Dapifer The offering includes a youthful assortment of both men’s and women’s pieces. Grounded in a modern palette of black and white, the collection embraces the classic sex appeal we expect on the Versace runway. However, with Versus Versace, the objective is a bit different. As the younger sibling to the iconic line, the range offers a more urban, athletic take on luxury. For Versus men, the brand focuses on streetwear basics. Relaxed trousers, graphic t shirts, denim, and interesting outerwear provide depth and swagger. For her women’s offering, things get a bit more adventurous. In addition to mini-skirts and crop tops, we see two extremes. Masculine feeling women’s streetwear and sexy silhouettes. The collection also plays with color. Complimenting her black and white palette, we also see bright blues and pinks close the show. You can see our favorite looks from the Versus Versace Fall 2017 collection below. You can also check out all the latest fashion week collections here.

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