10 Top Vogue Magazine Covers Ever

American Vogue: Top Vogue Magazines Covers Ever

What’s so special about a VOGUE cover? Let’s explore the top vogue magazine covers and find out. Playfully referred to as the fashion bible or just plainly, VOGUE, the Conde Nast owned publication has become a fashion institution. Remarkably, the Vogue influence also reaches far outside of the fashion, playing a pivotal role in the world of media and pop-culture. Founded on December 17, 1982 by Arthur Turnure, the visionary set out to create a publication that embodies the “ceremonial side of life”; one that “attracts the sage as well as debutante, men of affairs as well as the belle.”

VOGUE has certainly exceeded those initial expectations set by Turnure. Instead, what was created became the most influential fashion magazine of all time. From ushering in the era of the 1990s supermodel to introducing the idea of celebrities as fashion muses and Vogue cover stars. VOGUE has done it all and most impressively, has done it first. Each month, the coveted glossy magazine presents an aspirational portfolio of fashion, lifestyle, and culture capitalized by the elusive headline making VOGUE cover.

Top Vogue Covers-The Dapifer

To date, no magazine has been quite able to represent the success of the magazine. Likewise, no cover is as highly sought after. Traveling all the way back to the title’s early days, we see this same sense of innovation. The list of iconic top Vogue magazine covers span decades. Take for example the introduction of hand drawn sketches to evolutions in color printing and photography. From the first Vogue cover of 1892 to iconic Vogue covers by editors like Dianna Vreeland and Anna Wintour, let’s take a look back at the history of Vogue covers.

1940s Flapper Inspired Vogue Cover

Vogue Covers-1940 April- The Dapifer

Something about this cover reaches well beyond its 1940s era. While not much information can be found on the models or backstory, it certainly has to be fascinating.

Lauren Hutton’s 1968 Bejeweled Beauty Vogue Cover

Vogue Covers-1968-Lauren-Hutton-Cover-The Dapifer
Appearing in an astounding 26 covers (the most of anyone ever), Lauren Hutton is the quintessential VOGUE muse and we absolutely love this beautiful 1968 Cover.

Anna Wintour’s First Vogue Cover

Vogue Covers-Anna Wintour First Vogue Cover-1988

Perhaps no Editor has been as influential as Anna Wintour. On her first VOGUE cover a young Wintour notoriously paired a couture Christian Lacroix top with a pair of Guess Jeans. The cover would forever change the face of Vogue and the fashion world.

Audrey Hepburn’s Timeless 1959 Vogue Cover

Vogue Covers-Audrey Feburary- Vogue1959
Audrey Hepburn’s beauty was unavoidable and her influence on celebrity culture still reigns today. This 1959 Vogue cover captures her legacy brilliantly.

Vogue’s First Color Cover Image

Vogue Covers-Edward-Steichen-Vogue-1932-first-color-photo-The Dapifer

Edward Steichen creates the first color image to appear on the cover of VOGUE. It was brilliant then and still brilliant now.

Vogue’s First Black Cover Star, Naomi Campbell 1989

Vogue Covers-First Black Model- Naomi September-The Dapifer-

Naomi Campbell was hand selected by Anna Wintour to cover the first September issue under Wintour’s rein as Editor in Chief. The decision shocked her peers and the fashion world.

Kim and Kanye’s Head-Turning 2011 Vogue Cover

Vogue Covers-Kim-Kanye-The Dapifer

Perhaps no VOGUE cover has been as controversial as the Kim & Kanye Issue. Whether you hate it or love it you have to applaud the magazine for confronting a Chanel bag full of social issues head on.

Lady Gaga’s High-Fashion 120th Anniversary Vogue Cover


Lady Gaga covers the 120 anniversary of Vogue Magazine in classic couture style. The 2012 September issue was Gaga’s second Vogue cover and by far one of the magazine’s biggest sellers ever.

Oprah’s Controversial Vogue Cover

Vogue Covers-Oprah-Vogue-Magazine-1988-Cover-The Dapifer

Despite the controversy surrounding this cover (Anna Wintour supposedly made Oprah crash diet) it was certainly pivotal featuring one of the few women of color on the magazines cover.

Introducing the New Vogue Stars, Influencers

Vogue Covers-September-2014-Vogue-Cover-Instagirls-Joan-Smalls-Cara-Delevigne-Karlie-Kloss-The Dapifer

Vogue brings us back to a time where Models reigned supreme on its covers. This time around we’re introduced to Fashion’s new class of supermodels, the model-influencer. Here we see supermodels Joan Smalls, Cara Delevingne, and Karlie Kloss.

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