New Issue: The Dapifer VOL 5 Melancholy We Are


“Buildings like tree trunks caressing the sky above with their sharp gaze

With people below stomping across the jagged surfaces of the mind until it becomes smooth to the hand

The idea of contact fascinating seductive like caves of crystal hidden beneath the soles of their feet”……


Some people believe in fate, a sort of silent acceptance that good things happen to good people or that life, whatever that is, will reveal itself and all make sense as we continue to live. Then, there are those of us who aren’t quite so sure. It’s almost as if we’re all stuck in this gray in-between place.

When we think about the universe and our place in it , there’s very little we can do to escape the gray. For centuries philosophers, artists, and academics alike have tried to decode the human condition; some explaining it away with ideologies and others helping us to cope through the guise of fantasy.

So here we stand-suspended, colliding into people, places and things that we can’t begin to explain.This latest issue takes us on an intimate journey into this sedated existence, turning the lens away from the things we think we understand and instead toward the unsettling monotony of the lives we create.



The Dapifer Vol.5, Melancholy We Are , Now Available for Pre-Order. 4 Years, 4 Exclusive Limited Edition Covers.

The Dapifer Vol 5 Cover by Jenn Collins

Photographed by Jenn Collins

The Dapifer Volume V by Ace Amir and Jahulie Elizalde

Photographed by Ace Amir

Marcus Schaefer Cover

Photographed by Marcus Schaefer©

The Dapifer Vol 5 Photographed by Tory Rust

Photographed by Tory Rust


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