Supreme Resellers Revealed Here

Supreme Resellers Revealed in New DocuSeries.

Supreme Resellers are brought to light in a new Docu-series exploring this little-known sub-culture. If you’re not familiar with the Supreme brand then the concept probably means nothing. However, if you are, you definitely can’t miss this. Known to most as an urban, skateboard inspired brand, Supreme has a cult like following. The brand’s notoriety even exceeds many of fashion’s most well-known names. With a schedule of exclusive releases featuring limited edition merchandise, the brand keeps its loyal followers on their toes. Each Thursday fans lineup at Supreme shop locations on Lafayette Street in New York and around around the world to await the 11 am drop. They all have one goal in mind, Don’t leave empty-handed. But, what if you do? Supreme Resellers The underground Supreme clothing economy is brought to life in a recent film released via HighSnobiety. Debuted as a 4-part docu-series, the film zooms in on the controversial world of Supreme resellers. Offering a candid view into this underground economy, we follow resellers building profitable careers off of this streetwear addiction. In a series of candid interviews we uncover the motivations of both buyers and resellers, learning how their passions fuel each other. While buying and reselling is no new concept, Supreme Resellers and buyers take things to a new level of obsession. Check out the official trailer for ‘Sold Out: The Underground Economy of Supreme Resellers’ below and let us know if you’ve bought into the hype.

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