Supreme Reddit, How to Finally Get In r/supremeclothing Reddit

Supreme Reddit, How to Get in the World’s Most Exclusive Reddit r/supremeclothing

Social media is usually a free for all when it comes to inducting new users. However, this is not the case if you’re looking to join the official Supreme Reddit group, r/supremeclothing. For Supreme fans around the world, this is likely no surprise. Similar to most aspects of the cult-like streetwear culture, nothing comes easy. But exactly how valuable is being a member of the most exclusive group on Reddit? Presently, even at 44,000 members and counting there’s a still a wait list. After hearing rumors that some fans possibly buy and sell Supreme Reddit usernames, I decided to try my luck. However, shortly after publishing a recent article mentioning the possible existence of Supreme Reddit resellers, we promptly received an email from the group’s leader. This is what we found out. Supreme Reddit “We do not sell accounts and we ban anyone that tries. We went private in order to combat the mass traffic we get into our subreddit which is over 2 million a month. Outside users can see the content inside but you must be an approved member in order to post content within our sub. The only way to get approved is to signup through our own platform and wait when we let the next batch of people in,” the email stated. I decide to investigate a bit more myself. When you enter the Supreme Reddit, it feels like any other fashion focused page on the site. However, you’ll quickly notice that even though you clicked on “subscribe” you’re not actually a real member. The brief info section on the sidebar describes the group as “A place to discuss, trade, and sell Supreme clothing.”  You soon realize, that there’s another level to overcome, approved member signup. Easy enough right? Not so fast. Upon clicking on the shiny red box logo inspired button, one receives another bit of information, a clue. “PLEASE FILL OUT THIS FORM FOR YOUR CHANCE AT GAINING FULL ACCESS TO OUR SUBREDDIT. “My natural instinct, of course, is to say ‘Dammit’ repeatedly before continuing. I continue reading, however. Supreme Reddit-The Dapifer “Please note that the sub is currently set to private! Please sign up for your chance to be approved and stay tuned to when we are opening up the sub to the public next!” Below the announcement is a bulleted list detailing the most recent batches of new members. Based on the numbers it seems that the Supreme Reddit is accepting approximately 50 new members per week. Quickly doing the math, I realize that it’ll take me approximately 104 weeks, if I’m lucky. Of course the whole process is noted as random, but I figure that after two years someone has to let me in, right? Not counting the influx of applicants trying to get their hands on the Supreme x Louis Vuitton collab. So, besides searching for a connect in the underground world of Supreme Reddit Resellers (that doesn’t exist) there’s not much you can do except wait your turn. Sounds a lot like a Supreme drop, doesn’t it? I’m not salty, really. I promise.

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