Every true art enthusiast longs to hang an iconic Warhol piece next to an equally alluring Basquiat painting someday. But since most of us don’t have the bank accounts to bid on masterpieces, Redbubble, an exciting creative community and marketplace, brings art into your life and home, without the hefty price tag. Boasting a roster of exceptional, emerging, and influential artists from across the globe, the company provides the unique opportunity to both discover and be discovered.

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What we find most appealing is that the artist is at the forefront of the Redbubble platform. From art prints, to graphic throw pillows, to captivating photography, Redbubble presents an intimate exchange of ideas and imagination that travel effortlessly across the waves of shared spaces and new revelations.


Look at the gallery below to view a few of my editor’s exclusives to add a bit more inspiration to your holiday – and everyday – wish lists! Also be sure to check out the platform for yourself: Redbubble!


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