Editorial Fashion Magazine Submissions List of 70+ Publications

Fashion Magazine Submissions: List of Editorial Fashion Magazines that Accept Editorial Submissions

If you’re a fashion photographer, stylist, or other creative professional, one of the best ways to gain exposure is through fashion magazine submissions. Presently, with so many new online and digital publications appearing lately, you no longer have to wait until your work makes it into the pages of a top-tier magazine like Vogue or Harper’s Bazaar . You, yes YOU, can start building your portfolio of tear sheets today by learning the secrets of fashion magazine submissions. If you’re reading this article to see what mags accept fashion magazine submissions, you came to the right place. Keep reading below to see a HUGE list of 75+ publications that accept fashion magazine submissions. If you’re here because you want to submit your work or be featured on The Dapifer, you can join our private creative community for opportunities, The Dapifer: The List.

Fashion Magazine Submissions Go ‘Indie’

Fashion Magazine Submissions Editorials - The Dapifer As a result of advancements in communication, the business of fashion magazines and publishing is quickly changing. Due to the rise of social media and content publishing platforms like Instagram and Issuu, many of the barriers to publishing no longer exist. Even though large publishing powerhouses still dominate our news feeds and newsstands, even they too are being forced to evolve. Because of  this change in fashion magazine publishing, there is now a new market of readers giving way to a new era of fashion publishers, The Independent Fashion Magazine.

Keeping up with Magazine Submissions and Technology

Editorial Fashion Magazine Submissions List - The Dapifer While many professionals in the industry have mixed emotions about this “fast-fashion” barrage of media, there’s no denying the power of this quick-fire exposure. Just years ago, many of us were spending our late nights responding to castings and writing on profile walls of ModelMayhem (you know we’ve all been there), attempting to coordinate photoshoots or find new creative talent to work with. For many of us this proved to a pivotal time in network building and I’m sure it feels somewhat nostalgic to think back now. However, the days of forums and online castings are quickly losing their momentum and the future of fashion publishing is about speed. So how exactly do you keep up and ‘go with the flow’? The simple answer is, Exposure. Your job as a creative professional is to get your work in front of as many eyes as possible and through doing so you’ll make valuable connections along the way. Sure, some of them will be irrelevant or maybe some connections just won’t quite meet your “aesthetic”, but the more you present your work to new audiences of viewers the more likely it is that you will make a connection that can truly transform your career. New to the photography or the fashion industry? Stay ahead of the competition with our FREE industry guides: How to Become a Photographer and Photoshoot Themes List. Fashion Magazine Submissions - The Dapifer

How we Build and Update our Fashion Magazine Submissions List

Anyhow, it’s finally time to reveal our fashion magazine submissions list. The list of fashion magazines includes submission based fashion magazines as well as other submission/publishing formats.  Our list is divided into four main categories based on the following: online fashion magazines that accept submissions and print fashion magazines that accept submissions. We’ll be routinely updating our list of fashion magazine submissions as we find amazing new fashion magazines that accept submissions. If you have a fashion magazine or if you have a suggestion for a magazine that should be added to the list, email us and let us know [email protected] . And of course you can always send fashion submissions for our review directly as well by joining our creative community, The Dapifer: The List. Editorial Fashion Magazine Submissions List - The Dapifer

Online Fashion Magazines that Accept Submissions

These magazines focus on online fashion editorial publishing
  • 160g – http://www.160grams.com
  • Coco Indie – http://cocoindie.com
  • En Vie – http://www.en-vie-fashion.com
  • Fashion G Rogue – http://www.fashiongonerogue.com
  • Florum – http://www.florumfashion.com
  • FMD – http://www.fashionmodeldirectory.com
  • Black Magazine – http://www.blackmagazine.co.nz
  • Kenton – http://kentonmagazine.com
  • KODD- www.Kodd-Magazine.com
  • SOME – http://www.some-magazine.com
  • STARDUST – http://stardust-mag.com

Print Fashion Magazines that Accept Submissions

These magazines accept submissions for their print additions which are also available in-store
  • 1968 – http://www.1968magazine.com
  • AND MEN – http://www.highlightsmag.com
  • Atlas – http://www.theatlasmagazine.com
  • Bullett – http://bullettmedia.com
  • DAHSE – http://www.dahsemagazine.com
  • Eclectic- http://www.eclectic-magazine.com
  • Factice – http://www.facticemagazine.com
  • FAINT – http://www.faintmag.com
  • Flanelle – http://flanellemag.com
  • GLASSbook – http://www.glass-book.com
  • Highlights – http://www.highlightsmag.com
  • HUNGER – http://www.hungertv.com
  • IDOL – http://www.idolmag.co.uk
  • KALTBLUT – http://www.kaltblut-magazine.com
  • Lone Wolf – https://lonewolfmag.com
  • Material Girl – http://www.materialgirl-mag.com
  • NOI.SE – http://www.highlightsmag.com
  • NOTOFU – http://notofu.com
  • OOB – http://www.oobmag.com
  • Peppermint – http://peppermintmag.com
  • REVS – www.revsmag.com
  • SMagazine – http://smagazine.com
  • Schon! – http://www.schonmagazine.com
  • The Dapifer – http://www.thedapifer.com
  • SVA – http://svamagazine.no
  • TIRADE – http://www.tirademagazine.com
  • TREATS – http://treatsmagazine.com
  • Velour – http://www.velourmagazine.com
  • ZINK – http://www.zinkmagazine.com
  • Zeum – http://zeum-mag.com

Print Magazines that Accept Submissions (Online Purchase)

Print Magazines that are distributed online
  • 125- http://www.125world.com
  • BLANCHE – http://www.blanche-magazine.com
  • Chasseur – http://chasseurmagazine.com
  • CREEM – http://creemmag.com
  • Dress to Kill – http://dresstokillmagazine.com
  • FAULT – http://fault-magazine.com
  • FAVE – http://www.favemagazine.ca
  • FRUK – http://www.frukmagazine.com
  • MITH – http://mithmagazine.com
  • Normal – http://www.normal-magazine.com
  • Push It – http://www.pushitmagazine.com
  • Remix – http://remixmagazine.com

Print-on-Demand Fashion Magazines that Accept Submissions

These Fashion Magazines are printed after a customer orders it
  • Bambi – http://bambimagazine.com
  • Bisous – http://bisousmagazine.com
  • CHAOS – http://www.chaos-mag.com
  • DeFuze – http://www.defuzemag.co.uk
  • Dreamingless – http://www.dreamingless.co.uk
  • Ellements – http://ellementsmagazine.com
  • FACADE – http://www.facademagazine.com
  • Fashion Xchange – http://www.fashionxchangemag.com
  • FEROCE – http://www.ferocemagazine.com
  • HUF – http://hufmagazine.com
  • IMUTE – http://imutemagazine.com
  • JUTE – http://www.jutefashionmagazine.com
  • LIVID – http://lividmagazine.com
  • LUCY’S – www.lucysmagazine.com
  • Magpie Darling – http://magpiedarling.com
  • MOD – http://mod-mag.com
  • MODO – https://www.facebook.com/MODOmag
  • Obscurae – http://www.obscuraemagazine.com
  • PAPERCUT – http://www.papercutmag.com
  • STORM – http://www.thestormmagazine.com
  • SYN – http://www.syn-mag.com
  • Tantalum – http://tantalummag.com
  • Tinsel Tokyo – http://www.tinseltokyo.com
  • The View – http://www.theviewmag.com
  • The Alchemist – http://www.thealchemistmagazine.com
  • UCE – http://ucemag.com
  • Volition – http://www.volitionmagazine.com
  • Vulkan – http://www.vulkanmagazine.com
  • Xander – www.xander-mag.com
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