Reed Krakoff May Be Making a Promising Comeback

Luxury Fashion House Reed Krakoff Could Be Making a Surprise Comeback According to a Recent Message.

After suspending all operations of business,the label Reed Krakoff has resurrected as announced on the homepage of their site. It reads: “Thank you for visiting, We are currently undergoing a thrilling transformation, and will soon have a completely new look and feel. Check back to discover our exciting revolution.” Adjacent to the written message is an ad that is directly driven towards the millennial demographic. The ad features popular “must have” items spilling out of a tote bag; metallic espadrilles, a t-shirt with leather trimming, an iPhone 6 with head phones, and chic accessories including sunglasses and a bracelet. When asked about information on the rebirth of the brand, Krakoff refused to disclose any specific information and simply stated: “A lot of exciting things are happening with the brand – stay tuned.”

All the while a huge change is undergo, all of the Reed Krackoff boutiques remain closed. All we can do now is early wait to see what they’ve got under their sleeves!

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