Paris Hilton, Lucy Hale, and Chole Sevigny On the Cover of Paper Magazine – Fandemonium Issue

Paper Magazine: Paris Hilton, Lucy Hale, and Chole Sevigny are On the Cover of Paper’s Latest Issue titled, Fandemonium.

You may have forgotten her signature early 00’s phrase “What’s Hot” or her line of Barbies designed to encompass all things extravagant, but one thing you certainly haven’t forgotten is her name. Paris Hilton, past BFF and Boss of Kim Kardashian (yes, Kim was Paris’s Assistant), has continued to make a name for herself in the social arena. Currently traveling around the world touring as a professional DJ, and flying first class on the family jet, Paris’s latest landing brings us to a destination of a different sort.

In the event that any of us have forgotten, Paris Hilton reminds us that she’s still “what’s hot” with a surprise appearance on the latest issue of Paper Magazine. Joining our original socialite is singer and star of “Pretty Little Liars”, Lucy Hale, and former model/designer and current star of “American Horror Story”, Chole Sevigny. If you thought the cast was already scream inducing enough, just keep reading. Rounding out the the series is an unexpected star by the name of Neville Jacobs. If the name sounds familiar, you may have seen him on the Instagram account of famed designer Marc Jacobs or perhaps you’re a fan and have subscribed to his personal account. From what we hear Neville Jacobs is the most handsome canine in the business, yes you heard right, Marc Jacobs’ dog is on the cover of Paper Magazine.

Last year this time, Kim Kardashian was breaking the internet, could this be a message from Paris that she’s still in the game? Check out our favorite socialite alongside Lucy Hale, Chloe Sevigny, and Neville Jacobs and let us know if she hit the mark. Is “that hot” ?

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