Meet Rene de Haan, a Creative Photographer Based in Amsterdam.

Rene de Haan, is a freelance photographer and innovator based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Since 1989, the self-taught creative has built a dynamic portfolio utilizing his cunning understanding of portrait and nude photography. For over 10 years he shot for Dutch Playboy, elevating both the title and his work to new heights.

Rene’s winning editorial work, Returning Seasons, is actually his first ‘real’ fashion shoot. The breath taking visual journey takes us inside the debut collection of an emerging fashion brand by designer Michelle Hoek. All of Rene’s best talents are on display as we experience intimate landscapes and breathtaking snapshots across the Netherlands.

De Haan’s latest project is his very own coffee table photobook titled, MOOI. To learn more about Rene, check out his work on The Dapifer and stay tuned for more updates.

Rene de Haan Photographer- The Dapifer

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