Ones to Watch: Meet Fashion Designer Michelle Hoek and Her Brand,Returning Seasons

Meet Emerging Fashion Designer of Rising Brand Returning Seasons, Michelle Hoek.

Michelle Hoek started her brand, Returning Seasons, about a year ago shortly after graduating from the Fashion School of Amsterdam. Driven by an open-mind and a desire to travel the world Michelle set off on a journey to Australia, Thailand, and Malaysia. On her life changing trip the young designer got the inspiration for her brand and the debut collection of Returning Seasons came shortly after.

The Returning Seasons brand stands for exclusivity and true one-of-a kind items. ‘We like to call our collections daring and a bit vagabond’. We combine continuous designs with contemporary movements.’ shares Michelle. The Returning Seasons woman is an adventurer in her thoughts style, art, culture,lifestyle and even in business. She is a wanderer who likes to explore new places and likes to lose herself in the wonders of nature. A Returning Seasons woman can be mellow like Springtime but also a tough and daring girl like a storm in the cold of Winter. She is a fighter for her dreams and follows the footprints in the sand wherever they may take her.

Returning Seasons by Michelle Hoek- The Dapifer

It’s this very aesthetic of contemporary art and fashion ‘that you can feel’ that drew me to Michelle’s first look book. Photographed by Rene De Haan, the beautiful editorial lookbook spoke to me in a truly dynamic way.  Shot in Fuerteventura, Spain the images are like something you’d see in an exquisite art exhibition.

With such a young career, it’ll certainly be exciting to watch both Michelle and the Returning Season’s brand grow. Stay tuned, because she is definitely one to watch.

To learn more about Michelle Hoek and Returning Seasons be sure to stop by her site and check out her Editorial Exclusive, Returning Seaons, featured on The Dapifer. You can also check out the campaign video below!

‘In Beauty may I walk, Through the Returning Seasons may I walk’


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