Mulberry Handbags & Prints Go Grandma Chic for Fall 2017

Mulberry Handbags and Prints Go Grandma Chic for Fall 2017, London Fashion Week

The scene at Mulberry Fall 2017 was eclectic to say the least. Creative director Johnny Coca filled the runway with a rather robust display of prints. He brings pinstripe, houndstooth, plaid, and herringbone to mingle amongst an assortment of Mulberry handbags. Coca doesn’t stop there, however. He also introduces florals and crochets all in a rainbow of slightly muted colors. Fit was oversized and hemlines were low, much like supermodels playing dress up from a grandmother’s wardrobe. Though a bit busy at times and down right dizzying, a few looks appease my inner grandma chic aesthetic. However, it was the Mulberry handbags that steal the show. Oversized and practical, odd and architectural, Coca offered a style for all women, both young and old. Click on any image below to see our top 10 looks from the Mulberry Fall 2017 Collection, London Fashion Week.

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