Meet New York City Based Photography Duo Kamera Addikt in Our Latest Ones To Watch Exclusive.

Kamera Addikt, a New York City based photography duo, Nik Voronin and Misha Bandaletov, have been best friends for more than a decade. Before joining forces they honed their skills in some of the biggest and most prestigious photo studios in Moscow. The tandem’s longstanding friendship and similar aesthetic and tastes in art, photography, and fashion serve as a catalyst and fuel for the inventive team.

With a thoughtfully provocative aesthetic, the duo create images that are truly larger than life. Each photo is like a brilliant scene from a movie complete with dialogue , tension, and wander.

Kamera Addikt is certain that beauty is all around, you just got to look and see, and with that view, they bring their innovative vision, through a unique prism for all the world to see.

To see more from Kamera Addikt check out their winning editorial exclusive here, “The Moth and the Butterfly” and show them some love.

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