Margiela Fall 2017 is Galliano’s Take on Modern Politics

John Galliano Margiela Fall 2017 Paris Fashion Week

Designer John Galliano seems to be in a deep, contemplative mood as of late. Picking up where her left off at Margiela Couture, the designer puts on quite the show for Margiela Fall 2017. Both modern and multi-dimensional, Galliano’s Fall collection showcases his guile of construction. Consisting of practical essentials paired alongside sculptural statements, he offers a subtle clash of aesthetic that’s quite intriguing. Take for example, varsity jackets, delicately cut-out creating exoskeletons. There was certainly plenty of interest. Hidden in the artistry was a message. From a red, white, and blue look complete with a star-bangled bustier to silhouettes of the Statue of Liberty, Margiela Fall 2017 is about America. You can see our top looks from the Margiela Fall 2017 collection below. You can also see all the latest Fashion Week collections here.

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