Marc Jacobs NYFW Show for Fall 2017 Embraces the Hip Hop Evolution

Marc Jacobs NYFW Show for Fall 2017 Embraces the Hip Hop Evolution

The Marc Jacobs NYFW show for Fall 2017 is being hailed a superb closing act. The last day or so of NYFW has long been reserved for the American greats. Names like Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein seem to have an almost monopoly like seniority on the schedule. Rightfully, so. With the busy days of multiple showings behind, editors and buyers can all be present for the brands that are driving the business of fashion in the U.S. Taking advantage of this scenario, designer Marc Jacobs completely strips back the theatrics and pans in on design. The Marc Jacobs NYFW runway consisted of only two rows of chairs and a gray, blank runway. There was no runway music nor flashes from the busy mobile phones of show goers. Sounds bizarre right? Not quite, it’s just how Marc Jacob’s envisioned.

The Marc Jacobs NYFW Fall 2017 show begins with four black models gliding down the runway one, after the other. They’re dressed in delicate mini-dresses, denims, and skirts all accentuated by large bucket hats. Next up comes a yellow and brown plaid trench coat boasting a plush fur collar. Then we see an argyle sweater and trousers before glancing up again to see model Winnie Harlow stomping the runway in a luxurious coat that seemed to be covered in large circular patches of fur.

Marc Jacobs NYFW Show-The Dapifer

The vibe has a certain rhythmic beat to it, though there is no music. There is color however. Mostly a muted palette of brown and blue with the occasional pop of red, purple or mustard yellow. Jacob’s continue the silent runway show offering even more coats, tiny little min-dresses, and slouchy trousers. Although, the aesthetic is feminine, there’s also a slight masculine swagger. Perhaps it’s all the bucket shaped, Kangol style hats. It could also be the repeat appearance of low hanging gold chains and large hoop earrings seen in some looks.

Afterwards, Jacobs finally opens up about the true inspiration of the collection.“As a born and bred New Yorker, it was during my time at the High School of Art and Design when I began to see and feel the influence of hip-hop on other music as well as art and style,” he tells Vogue. “This collection is my representation of the well-studied dressing up of casual sportswear. It is an acknowledgement and gesture of my respect for the polish and consideration applied to fashion from a generation that will forever be the foundation of youth culture street style.”

In all the Marc Jacobs NYFW show definitely get its point across. However, it isn’t necessarily Jacob’s sparse setup that got the job done. The Marc Jacobs Fall 2017 collection is simply impeccable. From silhouette to color all the way down to styling. There was a certain ease to the garments that nudged us without overpowering. Each look is incredibly wearable but also tremendously editorial. Jacob’s also won on diversity. There were a total of 19 black models out of 42 looks. Though many are speculating if that fact is a PR stunt to atone last Season’s dreadlock bearing show. Most of which included no black models. However, the verdict overall remains unchanged. Great closing act, indeed Marc Jacobs.

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