Guess what – your luxury style obsession could become a very profitable lifelong investment. While expensive fashion trends may fade leaving behind buyer’s remorse, there’s a smarter way to invest in style with a luxury watch. For most, purchasing a new wristwatch is an afterthought. How do you even shop for luxury watches and frankly why even bother, right? If you’re a serious watch collector, you already know the value of a great timepiece. There’s thousands of devoted chronograph connoisseurs in constant search of their next luxury wristwatch. From expensive new purchases and stylish upgrades to selling pieces of their own private collection, the secret is in learning how to maximize your style investment. Below we take a look at 4 things that you should know about luxury watches and how to buy, upgrade, and invest with style.

1. What is a luxury watch?

A luxury timepiece is defined by its craftsmanship and uniqueness. While you can find trendy, mass-produced wristwatches at commercial retailers, purchasing a true luxury watch requires some serious research. A good starting point is to review luxury watch brands like Audemars Piguet, Chopard, Rolex, Cartier, Omega, and Piaget SA.

2. Why Upgrade Your Wristwatch?

Upgrading your ordinary watch isn’t merely a style statement, it’s a real investment that can provide a substantial lifelong return. When’s the last time you bought an accessory that could actually make you money?

3. How to Invest in a timepiece with Style

Okay, so you interested in purchasing a luxury watch but aren’t quite sure what to look for. To guide you on your journey we recommend using 3 key criteria: brand, rarity, and last sold price. a) brand: the luxury market is all about brand recognition. Purchasing a timepiece from a well-known brand, assures a high level of quality. b) rarity: rarity or exclusivity is a measure of the volume of a specific watch model available on the market. c) last sold price: the last price that a buyer paid for for a specific luxury watch.

4. How to Upgrade/Sell

While, the world of luxury watches is rooted in tradition, the smartest way to find your timepiece is a bit unconventional. It can be as simple as finding a certified watch seller online to handle the entire transaction. Whether you’re searching for a rare model or looking or trying to sell your very own luxury wristwatch, there are online retailers like allowing you to buy and sell watches online to trusted watch buyers and sellers. The process is straightforward. Find your dealer, complete the information and you now have an agent working 24-hours a day to help you buy or sell you next style investment. Are you sold? visit our friends at WP Diamonds, for more tips on all things dealing with luxury watches.

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