Update: Louis Vuitton Did Not Buy Supreme for $500 MILLION USD

Louis Vuitton Buys Supreme Clothing for $500 MILLION USD? No Not Really.

The Louis Vuitton x Supreme hype has been out of control lately. Ever since the launch of a collaborative Louis Vuitton Mens FW17 collection in Paris, fans began to speculate. Considering the brand’s rocky past that includes a cease and desists letter, I suppose anything is possible. However, perhaps fanatics took things a bit too far. Not long after Paris, news began to spread that Louis Vuitton’s parent company LVMH had bought Supreme for $500 million USD. Of course, this threw Loyal Supreme fans into a maelstrom of emotion. For a brand built on a concept of weekly drops and limited supply, it felt a lot like selling out. Not to mention the already divide of opinion regarding the mass-market collaboration. Here’s 11 year-old Cruz Beckham sporting his Supreme x Louis Vuitton hoodie. Eh. Louis Vuitton Supreme Rumors Acquisition-Cruz Beckham-The Dapifer However, it turns out that Supreme fans have nothing to worry about. According to a statement appearing on BoF, a spokesperson for Supreme has officially confirmed the acquisition as a “rumor that was started online.” Additionally, Supreme’s founder James Jebbia also reportedly shared that the rumors were “not true” in conversation with reporter Matthew Schneier. There’s been no comment from Louis Vuitton or parent company LVMH, but it’s safe to say that we can put this rumor to rest for good. Now, on to figuring out exactly how this Louis Vuitton x Supreme drop will work. You can read the latest on the drop here.

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