Louis Vuitton Cruise 2018 is an Ode to Japanese Fashion

Nicolas Ghesquière is developing an acute aesthetic toward Resort wear. For Louis Vuitton Cruse 2018, the designer invites us along for yet another international excursion. Last season we explored Rio. This time around, we find ourselves in Japan. Situated an hour from Kyoto, Ghesquière’s Cruise runway is erected in a Japanese architectural landmark, the Miho Museum. We soon learn that the Louis Vuitton Cruise 2018 collection is right at home.

The Theme: Louis Vuitton Cruise 2018

The collection offers an ode to Japanese culture of which Ghesquiere has been exploring for two decades now. From his travels, the designer has collected an archive of sorts. Amongst his trinkets are traditional Japanese affects as well as the people he’s met along the way. Japanese designer Kansai Yamamoto is one of those people. In fact, he actually plays a large role in this Louis Vuitton cruise collection. Yamamoto is responsible for the sketches adorning many of the collection’s pieces.

Clothing: Louis Vuitton Cruise 2018

For his Miho Museum showing, Ghesquiere balances a Japanese samurai motif with modern, architectural updates. The lineup includes everything from structured jackets and pants to shorts and billowing dresses. There is also a recurring cap sleeve silhouette found on tops, dresses, and outerwear. Nothing is quite ordinary. Instead, the Louis Vuitton ’18 Cruise collection showcases an array of leopard print, velvety green and modern surrealist style prints. Overall Nicholas Ghesquiere pulls it off. The Louis Vuitton Cruise collections feels fresh and modern. Most importantly, it seems to be honest. The designer not only borrows from Japanese culture, he respects in. A fact that’s represented in his model selection. Japanese actress Rila Fukushima opened the show followed by appearances from Fernanda LY and a closing walk by Bae Donna. Last but not least, is the stunning Kubuki style makeup looks created by Pat McGrath.

Louis Vuitton Cruise 2018
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