Lana Del Rey Gives an Exclusive Interview to James Franco for V Magazine

Songstress and Controversial Star Lana Del Rey Gives an Exclusive Interview in the Fall Issue of V Magazine.

Lana Del Rey keeps a relatively low profile in the press but her latest interview with V Magazine gives us just the candid moment we’ve been waiting for. Interviewed by friend, James Franco Lana talks her new album, criticisms from the media, and her highly publicized “anti-feminist” quote.

In the raw interview Lana shared that her overall focus is more geared toward “the future” in general: “The luxury we have as a younger generation is being able to figure out where we want to go from here, which is why I’ve said things like, ‘I don’t focus on feminism, I focus on the future.”

See Lana Del Rey in V Magazine Fall 15

“It’s not to say that there’s not more to do in that area. I’ve gotten to witness through history the evolution of so many movements and now I’m standing at the forefront of new technological movements.”

See Lana Del Rey in V Magazine Fall 15

She continued, “I’m not undermining other issues. But I feel like that’s obvious, like I shouldn’t even have to bring that up.”

Photographed by Steven Klein the issue hits stands on September 10th!


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