Kate Upton almost Nude Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Photos

Meet Kate Upton nude (almost) rockin’ Sexy Swimsuit Fashion for Sports Illustrated

It’s been almost seven years since swimsuit model Kate Upton made her debut in those steamy Guess lingerie fashion ads. Not long after, the model became a SI Rookie officially beginning the Kate Upton Sports Illustrated era. Since those early days, we’ve seen three other Kate Upton Sports Illustrated SI covers. A rare accomplishment placing Upton in a league alongside names like Tyra Banks, Heidi Klum and Christie Brinkley. While her successes with the SI family are great, the 24 year-old supermodel and actress, isn’t quite done yet. The Kate Upton Sports Illustrated period continues as the starlet covers the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, 2017. However, Kate doesn’t just get one cover, she gets three. Kate Upton Nude Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue 2017 Nude Topless-The Dapifer Like many famous women before her, the coveted Swimsuit issue seems to have been a launching pad for commercial success. In addition to a busy schedule of modeling, Kate Upton is one of Hollywood’s brightest rising starlets. To date, the blonde beauty has appeared in big screen comedy, The Other Woman, alongside Cameron Diaz as well as smaller projects like her leading role in Lady Antebellum’s music video “Bartender”. However, Upton’s most popular debut wasn’t by her choosing at all. The model found herself in the midst of one of the greatest media scandals ever, the 2014 icloud leak. Almost overnight, the trending topic became Kate Upton Nude, Kate Upton Naked, or Kate Upton Sex Tape. However, Kate hasn’t allowed the tabloids and media to get to her. In fact, it seems that the whole Kate Upton nude/sex tape scandal only gave her a new appreciation for her body. She shares a few of those thoughts in an official statement about the new cover.”I was very excited when MJ asked me to be back in the issue,” Kate shares. “Especially when this year’s theme is about every woman of every age and every body type being accepted. It was inspiring to be asked to be a part of that issue.” Kate Upton Nude Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue 2017 Nude Topless-The Dapifer Lensed by Photographer by Yu Tsai, the swimsuit model channels her years of experience for this latest Kate Upton Sports Illustrated SI cover. For the affair, the star travels to the tropical island of Fiji. Posing alongside the brilliant blue of the ocean and its rocky beaches, Kate looks better than ever. The model is styled in an assortment of super sexy swimsuits and standout pieces. On the cover, Upton dons an embellished blazer and in another image she wears a nude color body suit covered in crystals. We were feeling some serious Britney Spears vibes for a moment. American classic, Calvin Klein also makes an appearance as Kate sports a cut-off CK tee and briefs. The Kate Upton Sports Illustrated 2017 Swimsuit Issue is available on newsstands now. You can also get a closer look at the photos in the gallery below.  

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