Kate Moss Nude for W Mag and 7 other Times Kate Moss Went Nude

Kate Moss Nude for W Magazine and 7 other Times Moss went Nude.

43 year-old Kate Moss is proving that some things only get better with age. The industry certified supermodel is back again, this time posing nude for a steamy cover story for W Magazine. For the cover, Moss joins an A-list group of co-stars including Jennifer Lopez, Jessica Chastain, Donatella Versace, and Taraji P Henson. Styled in all black Versace looks (of course), the women pose together in an iconic portrait. Inside the issue, the story really heats up as we see Kate Moss completely nude for her closeup. Kate Moss Nude Topless-W Magazine-The Dapifer Of course this isn’t the first time Kate Moss is nude for a photoshoot. Many of Kate’s most iconic moments over her 28 year career have been topless or nude. Let’s review some of Kate Moss’s most iconic nude moments below. Introducing Kate Moss 101. Kate Moss nude and completely confident for this edgy Mert and Marcus lensed image. Kate Moss Nude Topless-W Magazine-The Dapifer Here, Kate Moss poses in an artistic nude by Photographer Chuck Close more than 20 years ago. Kate Moss Nude Topless-W Magazine-The Dapifer Kate Moss goes topless and nude for Terry Richardson in french publication, Lui Magazine. Did you catch Richardson’s insane nude shoot with Miley Cyrus? Kate Moss Nude Topless-W Magazine-The Dapifer Moss goes topless and completely nude in this ethereal shoot for Katie Grand’s Love Magazine by photographer Tim Walker. Kate Moss Nude Topless-W Magazine-The Dapifer Perhaps, one of Moss’s most iconic shoots, EVER. Here, the model poses nude for the 60th anniversary issue of Playboy. Kate Moss Nude Topless-W Magazine-The Dapifer While, playboy was iconic. This image may be Kate Moss’s most career defining. The nude, black and white portrait is from the model’s first Calvin Klein Campaign for Obsessions. The image was lensed by then boyfriend, Mario Sorrenti. Kate Moss Nude Topless-W Magazine-The Dapifer Kate has worked with the best photographers in the industry. Here, Moss poses topless for a dreamy image by iconic photographer, Bruce Weber in 1997. Kate Moss Nude Topless-W Magazine-The Dapifer Now back to Kate’s recent W shoot. Lensed by photographers of the moment Mert and Marcus, Moss holds nothing back. Styled in a gold, sequin Gucci cardigan, Kate Moss is fully topless in the dreamy pics. The model also opens up and talks about everything from modeling to her favorite fashion pieces. Kate Moss Nude Topless-W Magazine-The Dapifer “People always expect me to be late,” she shares. “But I’ve always been on time. Especially for photo shoots.” Even at 43 years-old with a career spanning almost 3 decades, Moss still takes the job very seriously. “I want to please the person behind the camera,” she says. “I’m a hard worker. And I like the process of creating an image.” She shares that photographer Corinne Day was very much aware of how to get through to her on set.  ‘The more I piss you off,’ ” she recalled Day saying, “ ‘the better pictures I get.” Kate Moss Nude Topless-Naomi Campbell-The Dapifer Kate Moss also reminisces about the good ole days with supermodel friends like Naomi Campbell. “They’d say, Kate, you don’t have to go to rehearsal for the show—come with us for dinner!” They were so naughty. They got me in trouble,” she adds. The model also shares her obsession with David Bowie. “Last year I had a David Bowie party. I was Ziggy Stardust. I wore a catsuit with a big silver lightning bolt going down the back. The rest of the catsuit was black sequins. It was gorgeous,” she shares.

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