Whether referring to the musical trendsetter, the confident fashionisto, or the intriguing social commentator- there are always many things to mention about Kanye West and his exploits. It is no surprise then, that he has decided to make a statement on one of fashion’s biggest stages, New York Fashion Week. Before a room full of editors (Yes, Anna Wintour sat front row), A- List friends ( P. Diddy, Beyonce, and Jay-Z were in attendance), and the ever present social spotlight, Mr. West shares his latest jaunts in fashion through a much anticipated collaboration: Kanye West X Adidas Originals.

by Lakenya Kelly

Let us first strip away our preconceived notions and hesitations. Kanye West, the designer, is very different from the musician and the microphone wielding award crasher that many of us have embedded in our mind. In this element, Mr. West is perhaps softer and bit more vulnerable. Continuing in the theme of undressing the motives of Kanye West, the collection seemed to offer bits and pieces of this mantra. Body conscious, nude bodysuits sat poignantly beneath worn-in knitwear as tight-fitting stocking caps sat atop the heads of young rebels. A sweater tied around the waist or a seemingly everyday jacket was made a little more provocative by the flesh tones of contouring lines beneath.


The Kanye West man stood confident, yet. silent. Relaxed street wear ready joggers, oversized knit tops, and statement making outer wear created silhouettes that were both urban and worthy of the haberdashery. This is a style that Kanye himself has mastered, the blend of hard and soft, cutting and couture. It is no easy feat to make men desire daring fashion- unless they are daring men themselves.

  What exactly is Kanye West trying to say with his latest Fashion Week debut? The verdict may be still out, but it appears that the designer is attempting to show us who he is as a designer, an innovator. After all how many hip hop artists are comfortable designing womenswear. What a daring feat indeed Mr. West. We’ll be watching.

Check out the gallery below for some of our favorite images from the Kanye West X Adidas Originals FW15 Show and stay up to date with all our live Fashion updates here!

Photos// Alessandro Garofalo / Feudiguaineri.com

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