Jil Sander Navy Fall 2017 Takes Us to a Baroque Era Vencie

Jil Sander Navy Collection Fall 2017 Review, New York Fashion Week

Despite the rather messy changing of hands within the actual Jil Sander business, the aesthetic remains in tact. In fact, the Jil Sander collections of today look very much like those released under then creative director Raf Simons. For the Jil Sander Navy Fall 2017 collection, the Japanese fashion conglomerate again confirms that it’s business as usual for the contemporary brand. Taking inspiration from Venice during its Baroque era of the 17th century,  the collection offers its take on the embellished period. However, not at all in the typical interpretation of lavish Baroque style. Instead, the Jil Sander Navy collection bridged articulate silhouettes and cuts alongside its usual contemporary lineup. Take for example the use of  low, linear necklines and hemlines tussled with monochromatic paneling and bursts of print. In all, the Jil Sander Navy collection felt modern and posses a unique editorial appeal. While, not innovative or shocking, business-wise it seems to be another success for Jil Sander Navy. Scroll through the gallery below to see our top looks from the Jil Sander Navy Collection Fall 2017. You can also check out ALL the latest New York Fashion Week Collections here.    

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