Jeremy Scott Fall 2017 Brings Us Jesus, Politics, & Rock and Roll- Hmm


Jeremy Scott Fall 2017 was Religion, Political, and Slightly Controversial. New York Fashion Week.

Jeremy Scott seems to have at all. At least from the perspective of his career as a fashion designer. Scott even already has a documentary chronicling his life, The People’s Designer. The title proposes quite the claim for a designer of only 41 years-old. However, in the case of Jeremy Scott, it seems to be true. So much so, that he also holds the title of creative director for another very famous brand beside his own, Moschino. For his eponymous Jeremy Scott Fall 2017 collection, the Los-Angeles based designer offers a political agenda. Exactly what he wants us to hear- well that’s up to interpretation.

The show opens with Gigi Hadid wearing an updated leopard moto-jacket and a floor-length Jesus print dress. It felt both eclectic and political. No matter what way it swayed thought, it certainly got our attention. Next up came another Religious motif followed by a series of seventies inspired prints and silhouettes. We also saw the usual pops of pink and blue canvasing print trousers, dresses and skirts.

Jeremy Scott Fall 2017 Collection-New York Fashion Week-The Dapifer

Scott also offered a few cryptic messages printed on shirts in large cartoon like font. Phrases like Love Stinks, Sex is Cute, and Boy Trap each made a sly runway debut. He ends the show with a bedazzled red top that reads As Seen on TV, an obvious nod to our current political affairs. For Jeremy Scott’s Fall 2017 mens offering, the mantra was very much the same.

The first men’s look of the collection consisted of a Jesus print t-shirt, leopard jacket, leather pants, and oversized star-shaped sunglasses. We also see Scott’s men in skirts, mesh, and skin-tight leather. The whole thing has an updated Rock-and-roll vibe.

Despite the all-out mixed bag of Scott’s Fall 2017 collection, it felt cohesive. Though causing a bit of sensory overload at times, Jeremy Scott knows exactly what he’s doing. His customer wants to be seen, and more importantly share a story. Again, The Peoples Designer delivers.

Click on the image and keep scrolling below to see our top 10 looks from Jeremy Scott Fall 2017 Collection. You can also check out all the latest New York Fashion Week Collections here.

Jeremy Scott Fall Winter 2017 Collection-New York Fashion Week-The Dapifer


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