How to Become A Photographer – All the Secrets You Need to Know

Learn the Industry Secrets of How to Become A Photographer

Do you have dreams of becoming a photographer? Becoming a professional photographer can be a rewarding career leading to a multitude of creative opportunities. However, navigating the path to success is not always clear. Today, there are many different types of photographers ranging from wedding photographers to high fashion and editorial photographers. In the guide below we will share our industry secrets and six key steps that you can take on your journey to becoming a successful photographer. 1. Find Your Creative Passion How to Become a Photographer Guide - The Dapifer As with any creative field, there are many different types of photographers. Some photographers choose to focus on a single genre while others may choose many. Photographers today fall into seven main categories.
  • Fashion Photography – Fashion photographers specialize in creating fashion imagery for brands and publications. They focus on working with models to showcase fashion products in visually stimulating ways. You can find examples of fashion photography in fashion magazines and across the web.
  • Still Life Photography – Still Life photography focuses on capturing inanimate object and products. These images are usually created in a studio. Still life photography is often used to showcase products on e-commerce sites and for genres such as food and flowers. You can find examples of still life photography on your favorite clothing site.
  • Event Photography – Event photographers specialize in capturing moments during live evets. These photographers work events such as weddings, runway shows, and concerts. You can find examples of event photography by browsing runway shows.
  • Beauty Photography – Beauty photographers are masters at using models to showcase beauty products and concepts. Most shoots are captured in studio and an understanding of lighting and post production is necessary. You can find examples of beauty photography by studying beauty campaigns in magazine advertisements.
  • Fine Art Photography – Fine art photography has no precise focus and depends solely on the vision of the photographer. This type of work is often times very conceptual and may use many genres and mediums. You can find examples of fine art photography in museums.
  • Portrait Photography – Portrait photographers capture photos of people or group of people for personal or business reasons. Shoots may take place in studio or outdoor and often time involve families. Today, many portrait photographers also take photos for companies to be used on sites such as Linkedin. Photojournalism Photography – Photojournalism is the practice of communicating news stories using imagery. These photographers often travel and create imagery based on planned projects. The topics are usually news related.
2. Find A Camera How to Become a Photographer Guide - The Dapifer Now that you have a better idea of what type of photographer you want to become it’s time to find your first camera. Photographers at all levels choose to use different cameras for various reasons. The most expensive camera won’t make you a star, especially if it’s not a good fit. Luckily today experimenting with a mobile camera or inexpensive digital camera can be a great first step. You can use our quick guide to finding your first professional photography camera here.  3. Practice, Practice, Practice How to Become a Photographer Guide - The Dapifer If you truly want to put your self on the fast track to becoming a photographer you must practice. Don’t know where to start? Make a list of photographers you like and study their work. Experiment with recreating their images and finding  ways to add your own signature style. The more you do this the more you’ll uncover new techniques. To take things a step further, start a reading list of instructional photography books. These books are often filled with knowledge and the more you know the more competent you’ll be. You can also find great instructional articles and forums on the web. Find one that you really love and get involve. You can sign up for our private creative community here. 4. Think Business How to Become a Photographer Guide - The Dapifer While photography is an art, it’s also a business. If you truly want to become a successful photographer you must learn to build and operate a business. As with any business the first step to doing this is creating a formal business plan. Why do you need a business plan? Business plans allow you to organize your ideas and set goals to later measure your success. In essence, it’s your roadmap. Even better, if your photography career does take off you’ll have a head start on the competition. A business plan consists of a few key components and luckily you don’t have to figure it out all at once. The important thing is that you start and you stay organized. You can see the following link to read more about creating a business plan here. 5. Make Meaningful Connections  How to Become a Photographer Guide - The Dapifer Connections are the business and personal interactions that we make within and beyond our community each day. Due to the popularity of social networks, a connection can now be made across the world with a single click of a button. So, what does this mean for your photography career? It means that there are no limits to who you can connect to. You now have the ability to follow your favorite photographer on Instagram and even send a message. Conversely, you can also connect with potential clients and share your work with opinion makers anywhere in the world. The first step to making meaningful connections for your career is setting up your social profiles. You should be sure to have an active social account on popular networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, and Pinterest. If you’re uncertain of what to post on your accounts, visit profiles of professional photographers and gather inspiration. Here are a few accounts to to check out: Mert Alas Instagram, Ellen Von Unwerth Instgram. There’s no easy path to becoming a photographer and today the industry is more competitive than ever. Luckily, by organizing early and using guides such as this you’re already placing yourself at an advantage. Remember to always stay knowledgable and organized. Media is a rapidly shifting industry and to truly succeed you must always stay several steps ahead. Use this guide along with other resources and lots of hard work to really fast track your career to becoming a top photographer.

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