Gucci Fall 2017 Goes Deeper into the Wacky World of Alessandro Michele

Gucci Fall 2017 is Wacky, Smart, High-Fashion, and all about Alessandro Michele

The expression expect the unexpected is an apt description of Alessandro Michele’s direction at Gucci. Not that we don’t know what to expect from a Gucci collection. Quite the contrary. For his Gucci Fall Winter 2017 collection, the designer delves deeper into his wardrobe of eclectic oddities. Though jolting and just plain wacky at times, I find myself intrigued. Gucci Fall 2017 Collection Runway-Alessandro Michele-Milan Fashion Week-The Dapifer What exactly is Alessandro Michelle thinking? That’s undoubtedly the most popular question at any Gucci showing these days. At the moment, the answer seems to be quite vibrant. Gucci Fall 2017 offers an assortment of vintage feeling mis-matches that somehow end up becoming high fashion. From surgical looking patent leather mens pants to floral dresses and giant parasols, there is certainly no lack of imagination. See for yourself. Click on any image below to see our top looks from the Gucci Fall 2017 collection at Milan Fashion Week. You can also check out all the latest Fashion Week collections here.  

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