Grayton Makes Automatic Watches Powered by Movement

Discover Grayton, A watch company that makes sophisticated, affordable, fashionable watches.

In the world of luxury timepieces, automatic watches have set a precedent for design and technology. Watchmakers have been crafting these sophisticated timepieces the same way for centuries. We’d say they’re on to something, right? Grayton, an innovative automatic watch company is bringing the timeless beauty of the automatic watch to the modern age. With a range of sleek designs and customizable details, Grayton offers watches that are just as original as we are. Gratyton Automatics Watches Affordable Fashionable Mens Womens - The Dapifer What’s an automatic watch? An automatic watch is defined by its unique movements. A standard quartz watch is powered by a battery, while an automatic watch is remarkably powered by its owner. The movement of the wearer animates the watch and a harmonic oscillator ensures time precision. Each movement made allows to the watch to gather and store energy allowing it to keep running, even when it’s taken off at night. Gratyton Automatics Watches Affordable Fashionable Mens Womens - The Dapifer Grayton Automatic Watches Fashionable Affordable Mens Womens - The Dapifer Designed in New York, Grayton currently offers three watch sizes, 36mm, 40mm, and 44mm. Equipped with Seiko NH-35 Japanese Automatics Movements, you can customize your original timepiece with genuine leather or stainless steel bracelets and dials and hands coated with superluminova, the cool glow in the dark feature we all secretly love. The best feature, however, is that your Grayton automatic watch will be around as long as you are, and then some. Charged by the wearers movement and protected with 10 ATM water resistance, together you can stand the test of time. Check out the full lineup of Grayton automatic watches on the brand’s site.

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