Grammys Red Capet 2017: 10 Best Dressed Stars – 59th Grammy Awards

Grammys Red Carpet 2017: 10 Best Dressed Stars

Tonight welcomes the biggest event in the music industry as stars line up on the Grammys Red Carpet for the 59th Annual Grammy Awards. The past year has welcomed critically acclaimed releases, comebacks, and new stars. From the release of Beyonce’s “Lemonade” to Adele’s “21”, the stars shine bright on tonight’s Grammys red carpet. For the occasion, nominees and guests reveal their best party frocks. Red carpet stand-outs like GaGa and Rihanna wow the paparazzi with style statements. Likewise, A Seat at The Table songstress, Solange, offers glamorous, gilded beauty. However, before the night is done and the last Grammy award appears, let’s review. Click on the image and scroll through the gallery below to see the 10 Best Dressed Stars of the 2017 Grammys Red Carpet. [tps_header]Grammys Red Capet 2017: 10 Best Dressed Stars[/tps_header] Grammys Red Carpet 2017-The Dapifer-1

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