Versace Dylan Blue, Shop the Sexy Gigi Hadid Campaign Video

Versace Dylan Blue. Shop the Sexy Dylan Blue Campaign Video Starring Gigi Hadid and Trevor Signorino.

Italian fashion brand Versace has just launched its newest mens fragrance, Versace Dylan Blue. Accompanying the release is a provocative short film starring models of the moment GiGi Hadid and Trevor Signorino. Directed by famed photographer and Versace creative veteran Bruce Weber, we voyage into the sensual world of Donatella Versace. Stop here to shop Versace Dylan Blue. Click the following links or scroll to the end of the post for more direct links. Keep reading to see the sexy campaign video with Gigi Hadid and Trevor Signorino. Versace Dylan Blue
  1. Versace ‘Dylan Blue’ After Shave Balm, $44
  2. Versace ‘Dylan Blue’ Travel Spray, $28
  3. Versace ‘Dylan Blue’ Eau Du Toilette (1.7oz) $65, (3.4oz) $86
  4. Versace ‘Dylan Blue’ Deodorant (not pictured here), $28
Dylan Blue, the new mens fragrance from Donatella Versace is a marvel and arguably the brand’s best fragrance as of late. Years ago the fashion designer was on her own perfume bottle in the early 80’s. Older brother Gianni used his sister as his muse and inspiration when he launched the perfume titled, Blonde. The success of the fragrance influenced Gianni’s ideas and later gave Donatella creative control over her own label, Versus. Similarly, the release of Dylan Blue is quickly becoming a brand defining favorite for men and women everywhere. The campaign video showcases what a true Versace man embodies. An intrepid soul who exudes passion, strength, and beauty. Donatello Versace professed to WWD, “I love that in today’s world, men feel able to reveal their true natures, to share their passions and their beliefs. It’s there in the fragrance, which is strong, fresh, seductive. It is there in the bottle design, which is powerful, distinctive. It’s there in the beautiful, individual young men who feature in the campaign. It is there in the martial arts fighters who appear, and who prove their strength every day.” In addition, the ad campaign video comes complete with an Italian narrative. Showcasing GiGI Hadid’s mixed martial art talents, roaring motorcycles and rustic leather jackets. Keep scrolling below to see a few video stills from the Dylan Blue campaign video. Trevor Signorino x Gigi Hadid Versace Dylan Blue Fragrance Film - The Dapifer Trevor Signorino x Gigi Hadid Versace Dylan Blue Fragrance Film - The Dapifer Trevor Signorino x Gigi Hadid Versace Dylan Blue Fragrance Film - The Dapifer Check out the full campaign video below and keep scrolling to shop the entire Dylan Blue fragrance collection.

Shop the Versace Dylan Blue Fragrance Collection

The scent: Instinct, passion, love and desire combine with hope and complicity to define this new fragrance for men by Versace. Woody, oriental, fresh, modern and sensual, it opens with notes of bergamot, grapefruit, aquatic accord and fig leaves.

Versace Dylan Blue Cologne - The Dapifer Versace ‘Dylan Blue’ Eau Du Toilette (1.7oz) $65, (3.4oz) $86

Versace Dylan Blue Deodorant Versace ‘Dylan Blue’ Deodorant, $28

Versace Dylan Blue Travel Spray - The Dapifer

Versace ‘Dylan Blue’ Travel Spray, $28

Versace Dylan Blue Aftershave - The Dapifer Versace ‘Dylan Blue’ After Shave Balm, $44

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