Fendi Fall 2017 is Karl Lagerfeld’s Idea of Style Essentials

Fendi Fall 2017 is Karl Lagerfeld’s Take on Style Essentials

After 6 decades building some of the world’s most iconic luxury brands, Karl Lagerfeld certainly knows what sells. For his Fendi Fall 2017 collection, the veteran designer offers an articulate assessment of what the Fendi woman wants. It’s all about the basics, in the world of Fendi that is. Trousers, fur trimmed outerwear and leather dresses are just a few of Fendi’s essential luxuries for Fall 2017. Fendi Fall 2017 Collection Karl Lagerfeld-Milan Fashion Week-The Dapifer When it comes to accessories, Karl Lagerfeld is seeing red, literally. A red leather (sometimes suede) over the knee boot commanded the show presenting itself in bright hues, a subtle crimson, and a deep merlot. In all, Karl Lagerfeld’s Fendi Fall 2017 collection, felt effortless yet powerful. Another one in the books for Kaiser Karl. Click on any image in the gallery below to see our top 10 looks from the Fendi Fall 2017 collection at Milan Fashion Week. You can also check out all the latest Fashion Week collections here.  

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