Craig Green and Nick Knight Collaborate for Dover Street Market Fall Campaign

Amazing things are happening at Dover Street Market as new designer Craig Green and well known photographer Nick Knight debut one of the most unique campaigns of Fall 2015. The campaign evokes a sense of spirituality and rhythm, that arranges itself into an effortless flow of  visual poetry. CEO of Comme Des Garcons and Dover Street Market, Adrian Joffe, spoke of the sense of spirituality that Green’s clothing lends to his audience: “I see an enormous spirituality in [Craig’s] clothes, which by its nature must come from a very deep place and from the mind of a visionary thinker..”

Green, still young in his career has received a lot of buzz for his highly produced and extremely thought provoking projects with his past presentations leaving viewers utterly confused or so impressed that they left in tears. The same reaction can be said for designers such as Yohji Yamamoto and Alexander McQueen as they first debuted their first fashion collections to mainstream media. Could Green be the next great conceptual mastermind? Knight having previously worked with both McQueen and Yamamoto,  seems to think so as he states, “There’s a brilliant tension to Craig’s work — on one hand it’s so simple and pure, rooted in ideas of traditional masculine work wear, but on the other it’s so dynamic, so theatrical — full of energy and movement. That combination is what makes it so special to photograph.”

The duo together present a campaign that traces through our minds as kite dancers jump, kick, and intertwine in mid-air like amidst a beautiful weightlessness that resonates with us all as we allow ourselves to drift a bit as well.

Check out the film below for the full Craig Green Autumn/Winter 2015 Fashion Film by Nick Night!


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