Editorial Hair Style & Trends in 9 Inspiring Photos

If you’re not a fashion hairstylist, photographer or industry professional, you likely don’t know what editorial hair is. In modern fashion photography,the term editorial hair refers to high-fashion, conceptual hairstyling. Mainly found in editorial fashion and beauty photography, it is a broad concept. Similar to terms like fashion editorial, it is ultimately up to a creative team to define what it truly means. Though not as common, the term can also specifically refer to styling in hair editorials. Unlike other forms of editorial photography where hair is an accent, here it is the primary focus. Examples of this type of hair editorial is popular in beauty magazines like Allure and fashionable hair trends publications like Hype Hair. The idea behind editorial hair is that its unique, artistic and dramatic. Good editorial hairstyling isn’t normally what you see in public day-to-day. It is meant to enhance an editorial theme and strengthen the overall fashion and beauty look. If you’re familiar with couture hair or runway hairstyles, you already have a general idea. Much like contemporary fashion stylists, an editorial hairstylists interpret trends. However for beauty and hair experts, it’s not always about raw talent. Equally important are vision, direction and inspiration. Where exactly does editorial hair planning begin? Below we take a look at seven inspirational editorial hairstyles and techniques in photos.

Braided Hair

Editorial Hair Braids - The Dapifer Versatile and high impact, braids add an interesting edge to almost any editorial project. Even better, the style works well with many different face shapes and hair types.

Wet Look

Wet Editorial Hair - The Dapifer The wet look is one of the most popular editorial hair trends of the moment. The style offers dramatic sleekness and sex appeal.

Architectural Hair

Editorial Hair Inspiration - The Dapifer Sometimes the photo is all about the beauty look. Architectural hairstyles like these offer plenty of intrigue and dimension.

Lustrous, Wavy Tresses

Wavy Hair Editorial - The Dapifer Classic glamour is never out of style. Wavy editorial hair is the perfect pairing to luxurious high fashion editorials.

Punk Glam

Punk Editorial Hair - The Dapifer There are so many ways to interpret punk style. Be inspired by punk glam editorial hair concepts like short, blunt bobs and layered mohawks.

Retro Big Statement Hair

Retro Editorial Hair - The Dapifer Big hair always makes a statement. Retro hairstyles with a fashionable edge add a dreamy sense of nostalgia to editorial photos.

Contemporary Colors and Bold Cuts

Color Editorial Hair - The Dapifer Editorial hairstylist are continuing to raise the bar. Innovative cuts and bold colors become all the more interesting when paired together.

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