Diesel vs Trump Ban and Wall: Make Love Not Walls Ad Campaign

Diesel Defies Trump Ban and Wall in Make Love Not Walls Ad Campaign

Today may be an international day of love, however, not everyone is feeling the love from cupid. Italian clothing brand Diesel is the latest to take a stand, releasing a politically charged #makelovenonotwalls ad campaign. Focusing particularly on LGBTQ rights minorities and immigration, the Diesel ad campaign, holds nothing back. It’s an apparent statement against President Trump’s ban and wall. Lensed by photographer David LaChapelle, the brands serves up a series of powerful, dreamy images with a focused message. The brand shared its mission for the #makelovenotwalls campaign in an official release. “Diesel takes on the Wall, a symbol of separation by definition. Breaking it down to create strong storytelling throughout the imagery and a series of global actions developed around it. The diesel love tank breaks the wall with a heart shape turning a symbol of separation into a happy place full of flowers of celebration of freedom and love. Only by doing this you can be free to be truth to yourself, free to love who you want.” Diesel Ad Campaign LGBT Gay Make Love Not Walls-David LaChapell-The Dapifer DDiesel Ad Campaign LGBT Gay Make Love Not Walls-David LaChapell-The Dapifer Joining photographer David Lachapelle for the project is artistic director, Nichola Formichetti. He’s known for his work with stars like Lady Gaga and publications like Dazed and Paper. Together the duo team up with notable LGBTQ models Laith Ashley, Drag Race‘s Raja, ballet dancer Sergei Polunin, and Octavia Hamlett. However, diversity is nothing is nothing new for the Diesel brand. “From our David LaChapelle campaign featuring two sailors kissing in 1995 until now, Diesel has always and will continue to push boundaries. We need to have the balls to break down barriers in a moment where fear is making the world divided with more walls.” says Renzo Rosso, Diesel’s founder. See more of the Diesel #MakeLoveNotWalls ad campaign in the gallery below. You can also catch the rainbow inflatable tank in person. First appearing in London on February, the campaign will make its way to Milan, Shanghai, New York, Berlin and Tokyo.

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