Coach Clothing for Fall 2017 is One Big Tarantino Western

Coach Clothing for Fall 2017 Collection. New York Fashion Week

Coach continues its brand revitalization with its Coach clothing and accessories Fall 2017 showing. Led by Stuart Vevers, we travel far and back in time for a Western inspired collection. However, this isn’t the first time we venture toward such a motif with the brand. Just look at the brands current lineup of handbags or Chloe Grace Moretz’s S/S 17 campaign. Judging by the commitment seen in the Coach Fall 2017 collection, it must be working. If you’re thinking of Little House on the Prairie or classic films like 1968’s Once Upon a Time in the West, you’ve got the wrong idea, sorta. Vevers’ interpretation of the style is more modern, possession unique exaggerations. Think, Quentin Tarantino Western. Yes, that’s it. On one hand, the effect can be quite costumey, however, the designer manages to minimize those theatrics. Instead, the latest Coach clothing and accessories collection offers an assortment of eclectic early Americana feeling pieces brimming with personality. The lineup includes everything from knit sweaters to vintage feeling print dresses and lots of outerwear. We saw plush shearling coats, vests, and even bomber jackets. Each piece bares elements like thick fur-trimmed collars and leather tassels. Coach Clothing-Coach Accessories-Fall 2017 Collection-New York Fashion Week-The Dapifer The color palette seems to take inspiration from the earthy flora and fauna of the Great West. Most pieces are in hues of brown, orange, red, and blue. Coach’s Fall 2017 accessories offering follows a similar vibe. Small bags, backpacks, and messengers are seen canvassed with a coordinating color or print. Footwear goes in an unexpected direction with the brand opting for authentic feeling clogs and boot-sneaker hybrids. Overall, I’d say that Stuart Vevers and his Coach clothing and accessories collection delivers. All the elements are present. New iconic accessories, interesting clothing, and an editorial story line that bridges the gap between commercial and high-fashion. What more could a great American retail brand ask for? Scroll through the gallery below to see our top 10 looks from the Coach clothing and accessories Fall 2017 Collection. You can also check out all the latest New York Fashion Week Collections here.    

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