Christian Siriano Fall 2017 was the Most Diverse Fashion Show, EVER


Christian Siriano Fall 2017 is Political, Diverse, and Luxurious.

Fashion designer Christian Siriano’s career has been somewhat of a modern fairytale. First breaking through with a win on hit reality tv design competition, Project Runway, Siriano has proven to be more than a one-hit wonder. How much so? After his win in 2008, Christian Siriano went on to become one of the wealthiest people in fashion. By 2010 his revenue reached $1.2 million and by 2012 his estimated net worth skyrocketed to $5 million. In addition to his business savvy, Siriano proves to be a true mover and shaker. His roster of clientele includes names like Lady Gaga, Nicky Minaj, Sarah Jessica Parker, Rihanna, and Solange Knowles. Siriano even made his way all the way to the oval office in 2006 in the form of a brilliant blue gown worn by then first lady Michelle Obama. With the Christian Siriano Fall 2017 collection, however, the designer takes a few step back. The message is both political and personal.

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A statuesque Alek Wek draped in a burnt orange trench, lined with fur opens the show. Quite the entrance. The procession continues with the introduction of trousers, blouses, and more outerwear alongside a soft pink hue. By this time, two or so plus size models had already crossed the runway. Before, we knew it Christian Siriano, now sitting front row, was sauntering down the runway himself. This isn’t his closing bow, however. Next comes more pantsuits and dresses dripping in a velvety glamour. We soon see a return to that same fascinating burnt orange, copper palette. Five black models ease down the runway one after the other like pools of fading sunlight. For a moment, we’re caught in a fevered dream. The feeling is only intensified by the appearance of enchanting gowns, blossoming at the waist. Then, out comes Alek Wek again in a mesmerizing dark red gown that moves like the wind. Before we can truly take it all in, the last models appear in wrapped in a silky pink skirt and a black t-shirt with white words reading PEOPLE ARE PEOPLE.

Christian Siriano Fall 2017 was the type of show that we wish for all designers. Addressing both the political and social constructs of fashion, Siriano also connects with his shopper. A total of nine models of color and ten plus size models walked the designers latest runway. Most poignantly, we believe Siriano. It’s not at all an act. Just like his closing act reads, he truly believes in his message and so does the Chrisitian Siriano woman.

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Christian Siriano Fall 2017 Collection Review-The Dapifer


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