When purchasing dresses and shoes, our main source of inspiration is generally media. Today, we even consult with our social networks buying new sport shoes from adidas. In terms of fashion, the majority of the population look to celebrities in order to decide what’s trending. From instagram updates to tweets, fans are on the lookout for advice on what they should and should not be wearing. Leveraging their celebrity status, stars are always creating new fashion and style trends. Whether you’re looking for a new look or simply want to dress like a celebrity, we have you covered. Find your style inspiration below as we look at five celebrities with signature fashion that mesmerizes.

1. Elle Fanning’s Prairie-Chic Spin on French Girl Style at Cannes

Best Celebrity Fashion - Robin Wright Cannes - THE DAPIFERElle Fanning’s Cannes style takes inspiration from two regions, the American West and France. The dress had a high neckline and homespun silhouettes that reminded everyone of the American west. Fannings red heels and blue frock with a neck tie is definitely mesmerizing and a non-traditional choice, and hopefully will inspire others to create such non-traditional looks for themselves.

2. Kate Moss’s Iconic Slip Dress

Best-Celebrity-Fashion---Kate-Moss-Slip-Dress---THE-DAPIFERAlthough we have heard Moss say that jewelry is her drug of choice, she may have a few other fashion obsessions. After seeing her recreate a 90s look with a slip dress for her jewelry store opening in London, perhaps it is her drug of choice. Even decades later, Kate’s slip dress is making us all do a double-take.

3. Jessica Chastain at Cannes

Best-Celebrity-Fashion---Jessica-Chastain-Cannes---THE-DAPIFERJessica Chastain is known for her stylish dressing and her look at Cannes doesn’t disappoint. First, she mesmerized us all with a sheer dress on day one. On the second day her Cinq a Sept jacket worn on her shoulders was a stylish update that met exceeded expectations.

4. Robin Wright’s Cannes Look

Best-Celebrity-Fashion---Robin-Wright-Cannes---THE-DAPIFERCannes always offers inspirational celebrity fashion. Robin Wright offers a glamourous look for her latest debut. The House of Cards actress is just as mesmerizing here as she is on-screen. Her Cannes look is simply breathtaking. Take a closer look in the picture below and recreate it for yourself.

5. Ruby Rose in Red at People Choice Awards

Best-Celebrity-Fashion---Ruby-Rose-Peoples-Choice-Awards---THE-DAPIFERRuby’s bold color choice for the People’s Choice Awards paid off. Styled in a gorgeous red Veronica Beard suit, Dana Rebecca Design earrings and EF collection rings, it’s a mesmerizing look. Ruby is quickly becoming a style icon thanks to her avid dressing and we’re certainly fans too. Celebrity style motivates us for many reasons. From new style trends to color choices and even political statements. However perhaps the real obsession is all about finding your confidence and making every day a red carpet worthy moment.

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