Models and Beautiful Women of Color Aamito, Imaan Hammam & Dilone Cover Allure

Models and Beautiful Women of Color Aamito Lagum, Imaan Hammam & Dilone Cover Allure and Talk Ethnicity and Diversity

Our former cover girl Aamito Lagum joins models and beautiful women of color Imaan Hammam and Dilone for a powerful message on race and diversity in the latest issue of Allure. Lensed by iconic fashion photographer Patrick Demarchelier, the diverse cast stuns from the inside out. On the cover itself, the trio pose in a vintage feeling group shot highlighting the many hues of beauty. Titled the Beauty of Diversity Issue, Allure doesn’t stop there. Joining Aamito, Imaaan and Dilone is a group of 38 other exquisitely beautiful women of color. Together they share the telling “story of their lives through their skin.”


Nationality: Ugandan Aamito Lagum-Ethnicity-Diversity Issue-Allure-The Dapifer-4 “Growing up in Uganda, I did not fit into the ideal. I was too dark. I was too tall. But I didn’t really notice I was black until I came to the U.S. Here I’m black, whereas I was just a person in Uganda,” shares Aamito Lagum.


Nationality: Dominican Beautiful Women of Color-Dilone-Ethnicity-Diversity Issue-Allure-The Dapifer-9 Rising Dominican model Dilone shares her view on Latina diversity. “I don’t think people realize just how much Latinas vary in skin tone. I have Colombian and Dominican friends who are superdark and others who have blonde hair and blue eyes. We are kind of stepping away from thinking this is what someone Latin should look like, with a light skin tone and big butts.


Nationality: Moroccan and Egyptain Beautiful Women of Color-Imaan Hammam-Ethnicity-Diversity Issue-Allure-The Dapifer-7 Model of the moment Imaan Hamaan reflects on her mixed Arabic heritage. “I’m half Moroccan, half Egyptian, and I was born in Amsterdam. I’m Muslim, and I’m superproud of my heritage and of my roots. I want to be a role model for young girls who are struggling with racism or struggling with their looks or with their skin color. Influential women of color including former model Bethann Hardison, actresses Dascha Polanco and Aja Naomi King, and supermodel Liu Wen also offer their stories as well. You can see all of the beautifully diverse women in Allure’s latest issue now. Beautiful Women of Color-Aamito Lagum-Imaan Hammam-Dilone-Ethnicity-Diversity Issue-Allure-The Dapifer-1 Beautiful Women of Color-Aamito Lagum-Imaan Hammam-Dilone-Ethnicity-Diversity Issue-Allure-The Dapifer-2 Aamito Lagum-Imaan Hammam-Dilone-Ethnicity-Diversity Issue-Allure-The Dapifer-3

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